Raspberry canes anyone?

My raspberries were fabulous last year but  are popping up new suckers in places they shouldn't this year.  If anyone is interested and willing to come around and dig  up  the suckers , they are welcome to them. They take 2 - 3 years to really start producing but last year we got close to a pudding bowl a night for a month or so... absolutely magic and they conveniently had their last crop on Christmas day and were finished just in time for us to go on holiday!  They have had very little attention and are actually in  a fairly shady spot and don't seem too worried.

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  • Yes please...I will be over in Hamilton in a couple of weeks. Thanks...Nat
    • Hi Natalie.. they are really overdue for digging out already.. not sure if we can keep them much longer as they are growing at a fast rate.. but you never know, procrastination may win here. Contact us before you come on 07 8562498 and i can tell you if there are any left.
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