I planted a dill plant and it is going well although it has gone to seed. The seed head is very attractive. I am not sure how to use it and whether I should have cut off the seed head. Does anyone have a favourite recipe for dill?

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  • You can use dill seeds as you would the leaves, just use less as they are stronger in flavour. My favourite salad is cooked grated beetroot, chopped onion, S+P, vinegar oil and either fresh dill or dill seeds and some fresh parsely. Stores for quite a while in the fridge.

    In fact in general beetroot and dill go very well together

    • I love beet root salad. I will try putting dill in it. Thanks.
  • Hi! You should let it go completely to seed and dry out, and keep the seeds for next year! Dill leaves are good with fish, especially salmon. Cold smoked salmon, cream cheese, dill and optional tomatoes are amazing on crackers or fancy bread... Noms.
    • Being vegan the only one of your suggestions I would use are the optional tomatoes! :) thanks for your reply. I think I will let it mature as it looks good and collect the seeds.
  • Hi Pam, I know you can use the green seedheads in pickled gherkins..., I also use it in potato/leek  soup

    • Thanks. I will look up a recipe.
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