garlic medicinal preparations

I am looking for a good quality garlic for medicinal preparations. Anybody knows where to buy it for less than $20-$25 per kg?
Garlic could be mashed( using food processor) with lemon and honey and be kept in glass jars in the fridge for very long time. Great way to improve immune system, circulation and cholesterol levels.

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  • You would be better off growing your own. It doesnt take much room, but does take time, although it will keep for ages once dried. Just keep sowing cloves every few months. Summer garlic will be smaller, and no good for re-sowing, but winter garlic is great!

  • well I mean it never tasted very nice, kind of a strange combination of flavour lol. I wasn't sure if there was a better way of using it than just eating it from a spoon for colds etc. is that what you do?
    • yes, exactly, first thing in the morning, followed by a glass of warm water a little bit afterward.
      We just need to train our taste buds to accept new tastes with delight and curiosity, since medicinal foods usually is not what we want them to be:))
  • I have some minced garlic in honey has been in the cupboard for a year would it still be alright? how should I use it? it doesn't taste the greatest!
    • not sure about cupboard, if it doesn't taste good, better chuck it away...
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