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  • I am interested in calearth, have you got any experience?
  • Hi Galina

    I have asked the Trade Me person to quote me for Horse Radish too. Thanks
  • Hi Galina,

    that time is still fine. See you this evening.


  • Hi Galina,

    I have just bought a dehydrator. I would be happy to loan it to you. I am away from the 5th to the 10th of May so it would be best if you could pick it up this weekend and get it back to me the following weekend (as I am dying to try it out myself!). I'm at 18 Vancouver Ave, Sandringham for pick up. Saturday between 5 and 7 or Sunday early evening or Monday early morning or evening would be best for me.


  • Hi Galina,

    Dont give up on your brassicas! Try garlic and pyrethrum spray maybe? I thought fish was more as a fertiliser than as a pesticide or deterrent but imagine it may help discourage the bugs as well.

    I dont have a dehydrator sorry but the sharing groups might be a good place to ask for the loan of one, especially if dried persimmons were used as an incentive! hope you are both well, Denise
  • hey Galina, how is your garden growing? I have numerous seedlings of that herb you wanted if you are interested...hoping for a few days of rain and then a weekend pleasant enough to get into the garden and clean up some. Am fighting a losing battle with caterpillars and white fly on my brassicas so might start over with a cloth cover to keep the butterflys off - reminded me of your brocolli experience, sigh. Nature has a mind of her own!
  • see you then :)
  • absolutely fine. Would love to meet you and Clif. Did you see the details with directions etc?
  • When i did my barrel of fish fertilizer we filleted the snapper and cooked up the fillet and then i added the remains to the barrel it was literally whatever was left of the carcass of the fish, i covered it for about six weeks till the fish totally had disintegrated and was using the water during this 6 weeks, i used rain water as tap water is full of chemicals and may stiffle the bacteria in working well, every so often i would give the barrel a stir as it helps to add air to the mix.
    All i was left with at the bottom of the barrel were a few small fish bones in the end and i threw them into the garden as well, i wasted nothing it was smelly though and needs to be covered.
  • hi Galina,
    the contact for the biodynamic organic gardening group is therese
    her email is therese@ecomatters.org.nz
    it costs $10 to join.
    are you planning to come to the ooooby get together on the 5th?
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