HI all, I was given a root cutting of hops in autumn and looks like it is going to grow, I have it in a pot at the moment. anyone have experience growing and using this plant and have any advise as to a suitable location to plant it out in...TIA


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  • thankyou for those tips, I saw some very elaborate contraptions for growing hops when I googled, those were some diehard beer brewers on there.lol. I will try to locate a suitable tree to support it and maybe plant within a tyre to try and keep the rhizomes in one place, as my donor had done. his plants were prostrate over some bushes and hard to get to to pic . I have been wanting to make a sleep promoting pillow with the dried flowers ever since I saw it on grow your own drugs. good to know about the edible shoots too thanks Katharina

  • Hi Kali, Jane here. They are growing it around Nelson, Motueka way so you could google them and I am sure they would help.

  • I have some, I love the smell of the flowers and distil them, the hydrosol is a relaxant. It like well drained soil and lots of sun. It dies right back in winter and comes back with avengence in summer.

  • I am no expert, but as it grows in the UK, it has to be pretty hardy. We have a plant here that was here when we moved in , it is not very big and unfortunately in a position where it is very hard to get to to pick anything from it. It is down right near the stream edge surrounded by flax. I am guessing as it is usually a vigorous plant that it does not really appreciate its wet feet. So that is more of a recommendation of where not to plant it. If possible when it shows its face again this year I would like to try an move it to drier ground and give it a tree to climb.

  • Remember it is very vigorous and when grown commercial the poles they grow them up are several metres tall.  I found that it was necessary to keep cutting it back.  By the way the new shoots in spring can be eaten like asparagus.

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