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Amaranth, nettles, Vietnamese mint, dill, chervil, sorrel, comfy, lemon balm, rocket, german chamomile, peppermint, lemon verbena, hungarian peppers, eggplant, balck capsicum, calendula, yakon, Italian and dalmation parsley

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  • Hi Jill,i am trying to round up books i have lent out,i think i have lent you 2 of Gillian Painters on herbs,can you give me a call when you have some time 3393,or email with your address and i can pick them up from your letter box,thanks kind regards Fi Baker
  • Hi Jill, Yes, I can sell you two more lots. Same price $12 each. I could drop them off to you if you like -I'll be in Oneroa tomorrow and could put them in your letterbox if you're not at home. Let me know. By the way, are you the person asking about Kefir on my Waitrade auction?
  • Hi Jill - how much Stevia would you need to test it's ability to be distilled?
  • Hi Jill,that would be great,i could meet you at the roosters by the sports park at 1pm and lead the way,regards Fi
  • Hi Jill,i would really love to come to your afternoon,the stills look wonderful. Would you still like to come out for some Rosemary,Fi
  • Hi Jill,not a very nice day and its looks like rain for the next few days,how about Friday?
  • Yip,zoom out,if its wet Ian and i will be putting seeds in trays,and doing food pond research,i have 4 kids ,a gizzillion of toys to play with.Do you no where Ridge view estate cafe is,Carsons Rd?Thats our drive way,could meet you there 9.30?
  • Great,no hens yet,however today a nice wwoofer Ian from usa arrived and he has been denailing wood for a big chicken coop,6 to 8 nest boxes,a beekeeper bees 15 hives will be here in 3 weeks,they are here for about 8 weeks while the Kanuka flowers, last time from 13 hives he got 945 kgs of honey,wow! But the most fun news,we are getting ready for 2 little milking cows,Irish Dexters.Our own milk,butter and cheese yum,see you soon Fi
  • Hi Jill, i have lots of rosemary you are welcome to,call 3393 and i will tell you how to find us,Fi Baker
  • Hello! Isee you are growing yakon. Could you tell me when is the best time to dig up the roots? And do you plant the tops back in or take them indoors for the winter (But then, do you have a winter there?!)
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