This yr and last yr my rocket after getting off to a great start has developed a strange white spotted fungus. Today I pulled it all up and picked off good leaves but must have thrown away 80% of crop. Can anyone tell me what this is and what is the remedy?

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  • That sounds like one of two things-Powdery Mildew, when it is humid and there is little air movement, or Furry Aphids which look like fungus too. I know this is over two years old, but if you ever come across it again, here are some tips :) Spray for Mildew with Wally's Organic Copper, it can be bought for around 10 bucks at Palmers, Oderings and Mitre10, and comes in a tall blue bottle. Great stuff. For Aphids, spray with Wally's Neem Oil, or sprinkle Wally's Neem Granules around the plants :)

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