December 14


Te Henga

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Buying Local Food, Learning, Preserving, WWOOFA Hosting, WWOOFA Working

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Silverbeet, capsicum, toms, beets, aubergine, few herbs, celery, snow peas, broad beans, few diff lettuce, broccilli, lemons, plums

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  • Hello! Thank you . I have learned a bit about the elephant garlic. They have little bulblets hanging around the roots. I was puzzled how odd plants would grow in places I hadn't planted. But these tiny bulbs grow until the fourth year when they produce the cloves. I have dug some this year that just look like a big onion. I think next year they will produce cloves. I have read they should always be planted in the same place - so you don't end up with them popping up all over. The tomatoes are doing fine. Photo 4 is the latest on my page. I'm waiting for the begonias to flower. There is a bit of blight starting to show so am using Nature's Curator and a bit of copper now and then.
    I noticed the talk on your page about the seaweed. I use the big rubbish bins with the clip on lid for my horsepoo. I guess it would be good for seaweed too.Delete Comment
  • no no that's my mother-in-law :-)
  • Hello and welcome Khadisha. Great to have you with us. Looks like you've got the hang of it already. Have fun oooobying!!
  • Yes, most are nice and red now - but I wouldn't say "bright" - not as bright as my big girls' comb (sorry, did you mean comb or crop - I've confused myself!)

    Is there a set amount of time that they go off the lay? I'd thought that perhaps the change of scenery/diet etc for the rescued chooks might mean they take longer to do so.
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