anyone have experience growing saffron corms?

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  • Yes, i have around 30 individual corms, as my dad does alot of cooking. It is a hit and miss plant, and they need cold winters to flower well. Each year i harvest around 0.5g aprox? Not much, but enough to add colour to rice etc, and usualy it lasts us until about a month from the next harvest. Use it sparingly! It is a very labour intensive crop if you are going to grow it large scale, i think more than any other crop. Keep slightly drier in dormancy stages too.

  • lol - yes


    I have a few in the ground


    Lovely little things, What do you want to know?

  • Not personally, Kali, though I have considered it. A friend does though, and it's an interesting little project she has - for commercial purposes. Backbreaking!

    I'm a cheapo though, and use dried orange calendula petals in place of saffron. LOL

    • Ah yes the good old calendula petals, I have dried them before but they just sat in the cupboard lol

      my son has a fascination with saffron, probably after reading something that mentioned it, and found some carms for sale on trademe, I am sure I had a couple at one time in a pot but they disappeared, was wondering how hard it is to keep them alive, there is no way I could plant them out in the garden as the weeds are so rampant.

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