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As my health has given me more challenges, my garden is becoming much smaller and I am having to adapt to new ways of growing. I mainly concentrate on growing for myself now, though I do manage to share/exchange/barter a little with some friends.

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  • Thanks Lynn, so nice to get the seeds in the post today way better than the bills!

  • Hi Lynn, I haven't been on here in ages but had a bit of free time tonight and decided to have a nosey.  Spoted your list of tomato seeds and would be interested in a few, more than happy to cover postage and all that.  It always amazes me how many types there are, I thought I had quite a few but not many are on your list!  Can also swap if you are interested but sounds like you are pushed for space.  I must have a tidy up and go thru and add to the seedbank list.  Let me know where we go from here, haven't done this much!



  • Thank you for the tip Lynn. I will definatley try it. As it stands there are reaised boarders already in place so I will use these for vegies - flowers and flaxes be gone!

  • Hello Lynn, you welcomed me to ooooby back in March and I thought I replied but am unsure. So thank you belatedly for your warm welcome. Would love to add you as an ooooby friend if I may. I am soon to be downsizing my garden considerably as I am moving and could use all the help I can get to maximise garden productivity.



  • Thank you Lynn!

  • Hi Lyn only 2 parts of the garden are enclosed. These hold berries and the salad garden and I needed to keep the chooks out. I have used discarded fishing nets. They had only 1 or 2 tiny holes and are perfect because the bees etc. can still pass in and out. Just not the bird life. Re herbs! I have all the mints chocolate, apple, usual, spearmint, peppermint, chocolate, wormwood. peppermint pelegoniums, citronella, multiplying leeks, (these are wonderful and make great borders in the garden.Also loads of organic calendula seed. Great to chat. Jane

  • Hey I like your style!:) I'm also a non perfectionist gardener. I dot things where I can fit them. The only problem with this is that there are often things that get no light as their neighbours grow faster than expected and also that sometimes I worry about crop rotation. What are your thoughts? Definitely doing three sisters next year:-D never done corn before because of the space but growing beans up it - aha!!! Do you find direct sowing fruitless because of the light constraints? Have wasted many seeds this year. Great to chat! S*
  • Hi Lynn, yes im possibly related to Maurie Clout - my fathers family are apparently from down Wellington way. Im not sure where or what the connection is as my grandfather died before he could pass the information on. Most Clout's I come across are from the English side. Its a small world!

  • Hi Lynn yes very keen to hear more about how you garden intensely. I think I'll have to remove some of this blinkin rhubarb that was here when we moved in. I'm interested in what crops you grow and how to maximise yield. Currently I have the Jerusalem artichokes coming up between rhubarb crowns. In front of that it's a tangle of butternut squash vines, tomatoes that went triffid and struggling various seedlings getting choked by the butternut. Down the end theres runner beans and parsnip which is had it and needs to come out. Silverbeet is plonked in any gaps but is currently a bit small because of everything else going on. Got some White onions down the end but I'm thinking of not doing that again because they take so long to mature you may as well buy them. There are a few things there going to seed for next year like leeks fennel and lettuce. That's a bit of a waste of space but what are you going to do ay? I sowed beefwood land cress kale and brassicas in trays today. Had a couple of fab red cabbages last year. Thy are big huh but the hads go a long way. Still they had them for a dollar each by the time mine matured. Not organic mind you. I shall have to buy a comfrey seedling. Got worm tea. 

    Cheers for any advice you can offer. 

  • Your welcome, it was a good catchup, getting that basil mint rooted!
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