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  • This event (flyer image below) will greatly interest those of us interested in growing or wild-harvesting food.  And those of us interested in improving our health and wellbeing. 

    From these people I've learned of the great benefits of allowing so-called "weeds" to grow, and consuming these weeds in some particular ways that are tasty and easy.  Makes gardening so much easier, and makes your health and wellbeing so much better!

    I'm really looking forwards to it - it's on Tuesday evening.

    Comment here or Message me directly if you want more info.

  • (Click on the image to see a bigger version of it)

    (If you still can't read the detail, then Comment here with a question or send me a Message.)

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  • Kia ora guys some very exciting news to share.. Mid Canterbury is getting a hub named...Te hUb to house my Hand over a Hundy office, education, resources and get togethers and a place for our new families and mentors to connect. We are needing hands to help and mentors families and support too! please leave a message in the contacts if you can help at www.handoverahundy.co.nz or handoverahundy@yahoo.co.nz cheers Jade

  • Hi Syl,

    sounds like a great idea the apple fair. We need more things happening locally and we also need to do more to create a strong network. We are opening a hub in a few weeks that will become a resource, info, Hand over A Hundy office. Will stay in touch

  • I'd like to join up and share produce and ideas.  

    One idea I had was to organise an apple fair for this autumn but unfortunately health issues got in the way for me. The idea came from my experience when I volunteered as part of a large apple fair which was co-ordinated by a community group in several Devon (UK) villages last year. It was a fantastic way to use apples that otherwise would have just rotted on the ground.  We produced apple juice that many people froze or turned into cider - there was an option also to pasteurise it.  I think we could do something similar in Ashburton.

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