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  • Hi All, my water kefir is multiplying like crazy so I have a few batches I can give away, located in The Wood, Nelson :)

  • Nelson Ooooby's I have been doing some re-modelling in the garden and have the following needing a new home...

    canna lilly bulbs; iris bulbs (i think the flowers are blue); aloes (not vera - maybe arborescens?) & echeveria secunda ( i think!)

    For the succulents - check out this website for images...

    Let me know if anyone is keen to give these plants a new home.

    Thanks :)

  • Hi Helen

    That would be fantastic - thanks heaps! I have eggs, lemons & grapefruit that I could swap?! :) 

  • Hi Matilda, I will have some water kefir in the next week or two, I also know a few people in Nelson who have it as well.

  • Hi Nelson Ooooby's - I am new to ooooby and am looking for water kefir - any suggestions gratefully received! Thanks :)

  • Try Bin Inn for rye flour Jenese. You should be able to get organic too I think. I buy organic spelt there.

  • i wonder if anyone knows where i can source 100% rye flour - organic preferably ?  thanks in advance 

  • Hi Fee, I am keen to swap some herbs for your bread, I have several very small Angelica and parsely plants that I would like to give a way, although my other herbs like basil have just sprouted but will have a few spare to give away, and probably a couple of young brocolli as well.  I live in The Wood, Nelson city.  If anyone is keen for the Angelica, they grow to about 2 metres, I think its a pretty green/gold plant.
  • Hi I make lovely bread and would liek to swap for veges, herbs eggs etc?? I live in Upper Moutere but come into Nelson each day so can delivery/pick up :-) if interested let me know. Fee
  • Worm tea, self set plants.
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Natural dye plants

HI everyone. I am new here and it looks fun so far :-) I am looking for natural dye plants, particularly woad. I am struggling in my search so far. Does anyone have any they would like to sell or know of anywhere? Thanks so much.

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Hi fellow Nelsonians! I have lots of small Angelica plants (that grow to 2 metres) popping up in my garden that I would love to find good homes for, they are pretty much annual, but self-sow! You can make candied Angelica sticks for cakes and deserts, also has medicinal properties. I'd like them gone soon so I can start weeding and prepare for transplanting.

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Raw milk

Hello everyone,I've been trying to source raw milk in the tasman region and having no luck. Was wondering if anyone knew of someone, or had any ideas for me to try. Thanks

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My partner and i have just moved to a small bach at Kaiteriteri and the only space i have for a garden is on the deck, which is actually quite large. I'm wondering if anyone has any pots or large containers going spare to help my garden get started.cheers  terri 

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