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Hi everyone,Sentinels is a recently set up group of small scale gardeners who combined offer a small range of there surplus locally naturally grown seeds for sale by way of a website - To keep growing as a group we need to take on a person who could run the commission based administration role which would also involve maintaining a small centralized seed bank from where all seed is sent out from,the bulk of the seed is maintained by each of the growers, this is best done through freezing meaning that it keeps the viability of the seed 10 X longer than air temp storage,its the growers job to process the packets and send to the administrator when a given seed line reaches a certain number of packets in stock (not frozen).

 The administration role has the potential to grow as a business with the longer goal being that Sentinels seeds evolves into a gardening club, members would pay a yearly fee which entitles them to x# of packets of seed and membership to a private online forum where growers and customers can discuss gardening,it personalizes the seeds they buy knowing how the seed was bred and maintained for improved hardiness, disease and pest tolerance by each of the growers in there own unique climates. Customers will in time should be able to buy seed from there own area which we all know grow better than seed from the other side of the world.

This is the bases of what we at Sentinels aim to achieve, so feel free to ask any question.


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