Aged chicken manure

Hi all,


At Hannah's composting workshop a few weeks ago we got to talking about the aged chicken manure she was using. Apparently it's great and the local vege shop used to sell it but doesn't now. Anyway, I rang up the suppliers, Valley View Farm, and they will deliver a load for those of us who want it.


If you ordered at Hannah's workshop, I still have your details. If anyone else wants some, let me know. It's a 5kg bag and will cost $ 4 +GST.




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  • Could I possiblyorder FIVE bags? If not, one will do! Would you like cash in your letter box? Trish
    • Sure, he'll deliver as many as we order. Cash in the mailbox would be great.

      Farmer is going to ring me when he is doing a run down this way and I will give him bag numbers. Not sure exactly when this will be, but am expecting it to be in the next fortnight.
    • Remind me of your address, please, and I'll put some money in an envelope and drop it off. Thank you for organising. Trish
  • Yes please,
    2 bags if possible,
    • No problem. Added them to the order.
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