A place for gardeners and growers in the Paekakariki area to exchange ideas, planting calendars, and maybe even some feijoas around the local area.
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  • Ps. can everyone who wants fruit trees do the same as I've asked Cookie to do (read the comment below for details).

    I'd like to get the order sent within the next week to ten days, if you are all ok with that time frame? Payment can be made a bit later I think. Will double check that and get back to you about it.


  • Hi Cookie,

    No we have not ordered yet. Please look on the Edible Garden website: www.ediblegarden.co.nz Check out their order form, make your choices and email them back to me. Make sure you give me the exact ones you want with the name and code please. There is a lot of information in the catalogue about each variety. The second half of the order form has all the Koanga heritage trees...

    We'll do a group order and split the courier costs.

    Last year we ordered some trees and they took quite a while to arrive, but I think the woman who runs the nursery had just had a baby.


    Everyone in Paekakariki seems to recommend Bruce Prior as an arbourist

    Ph: 904 8327 fayeandbruce@clear.net.nz 




  • I'm not sure if any purchasing has happened yet - but if not I would like an apricot and a nectarine.

    Also, I have a medium sized tree that needs to come down carefully - does anyone know a local arborist / tree cutter that is good (and cheap?!). Thanks

  • Cool I just want the one plum so..Flo maybe we can liase and do a group order for all?
  • I could use a nectarine.
  • HI might be keen can let you know by weekend.
  • I would be keen too! 


  • Definitely!

    I just printed out the Koanga order form on the weekend and was thinking of posing the same question to the Oooobys.

    I need to have a little more time to think about/plan which trees but will get back to you as soon as I have chosen mine. f

  • Hi anyone keen on a group fruit tree order?





  • Hi Meredith,
    Absolutely! Welcome to the group... we hope to meet up again this side of xmas... If you like you could send me an email to: florencemcneill@gmail.com and I'll put you on our parallel mailing list... (last time we met not all of us received the message via Ooooby, a problem we never really got to the bottom of -hence the extra email list).
    cheers, Flo
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Black plastic.

So, Paekakariki growers, I come to you for ideas... what are your theories on black plastic and kikuyu grass? I've made a couple of raised beds about a foot above the ground with bricks, and had filled one with a mix of compost and topsoil before a neighbour dropped by and offered me some black plastic to line the other two beds - he said it was the only way to go, otherwise that kikuyu grass would take over before my eyes. But lo! Things aren't really growing in those lined beds, while the…

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Aged chicken manure

Hi all,   At Hannah's composting workshop a few weeks ago we got to talking about the aged chicken manure she was using. Apparently it's great and the local vege shop used to sell it but doesn't now. Anyway, I rang up the suppliers, Valley View Farm, and they will deliver a load for those of us who want it.   If you ordered at Hannah's workshop, I still have your details. If anyone else wants some, let me know. It's a 5kg bag and will cost $ 4 +GST.   Cheers, Stacey

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