I'm having major problems this season with the green vegetable bug. Sprayed with Success a week ago.  First time I've sprayed for these bugs or with a non-organic spray BUT I'm over them destroying all my veggies! Even after the spray they're still there! 


I've got dried Pyrethrum flower heads but I read on the internet it is very toxic and kill ALL inspect and bees.  What should I do? 


I also read that they stink when you squish them but the ones in my garden does not smell at all?  And yes it is the green bug.  I've got little black ones with yellow spots to big ol green ones.


Please help!

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Hi Jeffie,
I read that the green vegetable bugs need pods containing seeds to complete their life cycle and that this generally occurs during summer so one way to control them would be to avoid planting a continious crop of legumes over the summer to stop the bugs from moving from one crop to the next and increasing their numbers. It may not destroy the entire population but it may help you to reduce their numbers to manageable levels.
I was reading an Australian government website http://www.dpi.qld.gov.au/26_7800.htm so it might be different in New Zealand but there is some good information there that you might want to check out. Sorry I can't offer more advice. I have had problems with many bugs but luckily the green vegetable bug has not been one of them.
Thank you for your reply. Interesing about the pods. I had a corn crop and they basically made that home and since I've harvested the corn (the few which was edible!) moved into rest of my garden and this includes all brassaria, beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, you name it they are there.

I will read this article.

I go round every second day with a small long handled pot of soapy water & flick them into it.
They love to live on Calendula when young & that makes them easy to hunt.
A good reason to companion plant.


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