Anyone got any suggestions for organic solutions for whitefly on kale?


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Winter!!! only joking, but what a difference in numbers from this autumn--they were awful! I was recently reading somewhere that spraying the ground under the leaves (only organic solutions of course--like garlic spray), might help.
White fly are the bane of my life.
Every time the council mow the local playing fields they arrive like a great snow storm.
I have covered the place with bright yellow anything & everything covered in Vaseline & there they stick in their millions. Much to my joy.
I blast them off by spraying under the leaves they land on the yellow stuff.
Does not get them all but sure thins them down.
I have the same problem on my lemon tree so will definitely try the marigolds. I also heard they don't like the smell of basil so will try that too.
Yesterday my daughter told me that her book said, white fly don't like nasturtiums.
My nasturtiums did not die out this winter & are further ahead this year, so we shall see if it is any better with them about this season.
I have just made a new discovery.
I put a yellow plastic bag into a barrel of water to wash it, then went off to fix something.
When I came back the surface of the water was covered in millions of white-fly.
I have been using yellow traps covered in grease for years but never thought of this.
Today I saw that my lemon tree had millions of the wee sods flying round, so filled a bright yellow bucket with water & left it by the tree.

I bought those buckets to cover with grease, but todays results will keep them filled with water & many more like them.
From now on I only buy yellow buckets.
That's great Lena I will try that. I had been thinking about the yellow sticky traps but was afraid they would trap bees. My lemon tree is full of white fly. Nightmare!
I would still spray with Neem oil though.
I feed & spray each Sunday that way I remember to do it.
Being ancient, I forget what got fed & what got sprayed otherwise.
I see it as my service to nature day.
I have planted basil, marigolds and shoo-fly under my lemon tree and it seems to have worked.  I also planted shoo-fly (nicandra) around my tamarillo seedlings and they have had not one single pest on them apart from snails/slugs which are dealt with by my beer traps.


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