Perennial Cabbage

A gardening friend gave me two layed pieces off his perennial cabbage,he's had it growing for about 10 years and before that he got it from a lady who's had growing for about 60 years,it hasn't flowered for the last ten years but he's not sure if its flower for the lady he got it from.Anyone come seen this old variety before,i'm keen to find out if it does flower at all.


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  • Its the lose leaf type.

    Did that perennial broccoli just have white curds just a certain time of year or year round??

    • it was in a neighbour's garden and I only saw it the once 15 or so years ago, so can't tell you sorry. pity he offered me seeds but didn't get around to actually giving them to me before he moved away.

  • interesting, old cabbage mmmm, be really interested to see it fully grown, does it have little cabbages like brussels sprouts or loose leaves like kale? I once saw perennial broccoli, which had white curds like little caulis, apparently kings had the seeds but no longer.

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