To share information on propagating plants such as fruit and nut trees and bushes or any food growing plants, herbs or beneficial companions for which seed growing is not so viable or reliable
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  • Hi Jacob,

    There's still some available. Please phone me to discuss delivery etc. 06 379 8034

  • I'm possibly too late now but if you happen to still have some, I'd be keen, Helen.

  • I'm pruning my Sturmer apple tomorrow. Would anyone like me  to save some budwood? If you keep it in the fridge the budding would be done in August.

  • Not sure of two buds on the one stock, apart from one thing. I have heard that some gardeners do two buds of the same scion on opposite sides of the stock, and keep the better one. Other than that, I have never heard of it.

    My feeling is that it is not advisable for two reasons.  First, neither of the two buds would take properly, so be weak. Second, more than one scion seems to be limited to grafting, not budding. OK for pip fruit (apples, pears, nashi, quinces - yes, they will all grow on a nashi stock) and plums. But you need separate branches for the graft - one per branch. I know of a local here who has (I think) about six various apples, pears and nashi on the one tree (nashi stock). I will ask him next time I see him.

    Somebody may have a better answer.

  • Hi David, yes, the cambium does came off easy the other day I was doing some practice.

    Another question, can I do more than 1 t-bud on a single rootstock? Just to increase the odds. 

  • Easy way to check.

    Slice off a leaf, and a sliver of cambium. If the cambium then peels off cleanly from under the leaf, it is time to bud. You should be able to see the bud in the hollow just under the base of the leaf (it looks just like a small dot).

  • Hi, May I know when is the best time to start t-budding stonefruits in Canterbury region?

  • Hi Tara,

    If you haven't found someone to get hydranga cuttings from I could mail some of the regular old hardy ones to you when I prune later on. 

  • Can anyone tell me how long I should wait for grafts on apples to take.  We used 4 different kinds of scions and grafted bud graft and the graft with slant on both scion and tree branch (don't know the name of that one.)  Some of those have leaves on them and some have only buds but they look as if they might still develop.

    Have not found and bud grafts developing yet.  The little branches that were saved to use for grafting but not used look the same as those not developing.  Do these branches just have a process they go through regardless of whether they are grafted?  Will they root?  

    Guess you can tell it is all new to me.  It is our first attempt at grafting so we are excited to see some of the grafts have, maybe, taken!  

    It is holiday time I know so whenever anyone has time would sure appreciate some advice.

  • I am also looking for a very special type of apple - it's called "Ashmede Kernal" and was prolific in NZ many years ago - now it's impossible to find this wee beauty...


    If anyone has one which can be grafted, please let me know - I'm happy to pay postage and koha for a chance to grow this special apple


    Kindest regards


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I collected some old almond cuttings from an 1880s orchard was wondering how best to try and grow them? Can i graft them onto maybe a peach or apricot?  Or would I be better to try and grow them as cuttings.  Any ideas would be great, thanks

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Perennial Cabbage

A gardening friend gave me two layed pieces off his perennial cabbage,he's had it growing for about 10 years and before that he got it from a lady who's had growing for about 60 years,it hasn't flowered for the last ten years but he's not sure if its flower for the lady he got it from.Anyone come seen this old variety before,i'm keen to find out if it does flower at all. Anyone

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Chilean Guava cuttings, blueberry and pomegrante cuttings???

Hello, so I have took a few cuttings from my Chilean Guava (Myrtus ugni), did not apply rooting hormone, yet around half of them rooted when just stuck into some potting mix, left outside in the heat of the sun (yet I was diligent to keep them watered). I plan to take multiple cuttings after they fruit, use rooting hormone, and prepare many plants so that I can use them as an edible hedge when they grow a bit more.   I was wondering if people have had success with cuttings from blueberry…

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Seedling Plum Trees

We have seedling plum trees coming up here and there.  I have saved a few and given them space in the orchard but I'm not sure if they are worth waiting for.  Does anyone have experience of seedling plums?  Are they worth growing on?  I hope to discover a wonderful new it likely?  There have been some great plums from chance seedlings, eg. Hawera and Luisa, are they one in a million?

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