If anyone would like to share a regular weekly delivery of raw milk, please pm me, three litres available, Saturday collection.

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Hi i live in Cromwell, can you please tell me where your milk is comming from? Can i please have the details of supplier an where pick up is etc. Thanx Heaps

Hi Megan, could you please send me the contact details for the supply of raw milk to Queenstown? would greatly appreciate it!

Have sent you a pm. We have a spare 1 litre each week if you're interested.
hello Tracy, the milk comes from Invercargill and is delivered to Frankton. Delivery day is currently Wednesday morning - it changes from time to time:) Have sent you a message with the contact details.

Hi Megan, can you send me the contact details for the raw milk delivery to Queenstown too please, thanks Bruce

Hi Megan. Could you please send me details of the supplier in Invercargill? We're going to try and set up a delivery for Kingston. Cheers! Shawn

Hi Megan, just joined this site and am interested in getting a raw milk delivery. would you be able to supply me with the details of where you get it from? Thanks heaps

hello Leisha, welcome. Have sent you a pm with contact details.

Hey, sounds like the raw milk thing is buzzing!  Fantastic!  I too am interested to know the details too, I live in Alexandra and am pretty sure i could get a group together to purchase the raw milk in bulk also.

Thanks, i look forward to hearing from you.

hello Anna

love your profile shot, is that your daughter?

I've sent you a friend request with the raw milk contact details, all this secret squirrels about where to buy raw milk really is ridiculous but certainly don't want to jeopardise our supply!

Let me know if you'd like any milk kefir grains, mine are growing well in this warm weather and have plenty to share, thanks to Laine here on ooooby who gave me my starter batch:)

Thanks Megan, my daughter yes - this was part of last years pumpkin harvest - eagerly awaiting this years!  Will get back to you on the grains as we get ourselves organised (hopefully) with the milk delivery.  Happy autumn to you.  A*

Hello megan, I have just moved down to glenorchy and I am looking for a raw milk supplier for family consumption :)
I came across this topic on google and looks like you have some valuable information on how to buy milk.

Would you be kind enough share with me the suppliers details ?
Thanks heaps !


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