Tell us all what you want or what you have to offer. eg. Lemons, seedlings etc. To respond to someones listing contact them directly via their page…
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  • Hi, I have around 25 kilos of pears from my second tree if anyone would like to swap for other produce? Thanks, Rebecca
  • Thanks for replying to my inquiry!

    Am slowly re-building my garden and wonder if anyone out there has a bed of strawberry plants that have started sending runners out.  I certainly want to have again strawberries (in my old garden I had more than 100 plants that could however not be saved as part of my renovations :-(  ).

    Your help is much appreciated.



  • Hi everyone!

    Responding to Stephan Neff - Yes, we are still here!  The group is still a random collection of gardeners and we are not very organised.  We should probably start a Facebook group instead.  What do you think?  A year or so ago I started to organise garden visits under the title of "Rotorua Backyard Organic Gardeners" and about 40 people overall took part in several visits.  So, yes, there is a kind of an association of people, and a lot of keenness to do things.  Also, there is a sub-group who is interested in saving heirloom seeds.  I will put a notice on here about our next gathering in August, which is when we will divide up the successful seed harvest from this summer, and hopefully share some with new gardeners.  All the best, and happy gardening, Jenny.

  • Greetings, everyone,

    I have just come across Ooooby, which coincides with me rebuilding my garden.  I noticed that most of the comments and posts are quite dated, going at times back to 2009.  Are there any guys currently in Rotorua who would like to swap produce and reduce grocery bills ?

    If so, please contact me via email ( so that I know that you are interested in exchanging produce and/or information

    Regards Stephan

  • Considering having chickens-any ideas how to start!

    Picking Tom Thumb lettuce and have 20 million self seeding pumpkins everywhere from the compost we dug in a few weeks ago.

  • Fruit and vegetable seed and seedling exchange

    Monday 12 November 6-7pm

    Living Well Church car park, Biak St, Rotorua

    People can give, swap or take away seeds and/or seedlings

    Jenny Lux and Richard Gillies house
    5 Clouston Cres
    Fenton Park

    Sunday 28 October
    10am - 2pm 
    Will have BBQ out unless blowing a gale.
    Try to bring some food that includes something you've grown, or some locally grown produce. 
    Children most welcome too.

    We can swap ideas, seed, seedlings, produce and stories.  Let me know if you can come.

    Please RSVP to Jenny 073481325 or 021 2469526

  • Hi Michelle,

    Sorry ffor the non-reply; I just didn't see this! You can call me any time re plums and seeds on 348 0458. And if you'd be keen to be filmed (or anyone locally for that matter!) this week - we are looking for those who know how to bottle and make Beetroot preserves and relish. If you don't, no problem, I can help along - but we definitely need someone who enjoys that. Any takers?

  • Sounds like a good idea. Either weekend is good for us. :-)

  • great idea Jenny - I too would like to meet some other gardeners to inspire me :-)

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