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Hi Wairarapa NZ Group members!  My name is Lucy, I live in Featherston, Wairarapa, and I'm a member of this group.  I've not been very active in the group, but I keep an eye on the discussion threads, which are always very vibrant and interesting. I am the Southern Area Coordinator for Arrow FM, which is one of 12 access radio stations in NZ.  Arrow FM serves the Wairarapa, and we provide the facilities, infrastructure and training to enable people to make radio by, for and about the wonderful communities we live and work in.  

Access Radio is partly funded by NZ on Air, and we are legislated to provide broadcasting services to the community.  Access radio is uniquely placed to enable people to communicate their passions, interests and points of view easily and in an entertaining and dynamic way.  It's one of very few broadcasting platforms that enables non-mainstream ideas to be aired and discussed by ordinary people.  In that way, Access Radio is refreshingly radical!  

Currently, Arrow FM's schedule does not feature a green show, or gardening programme, or sustainable living programme, or any programme of that nature.  However, if anybody out there would like to develop such a programme, please do not hesitate to get in touch.  Broadcasting on radio is not as terrifying as you think, and is actually a real thrill!  It can be superbly effective in disseminating ideas and enthusiasm, and reach parts of your community other traditional media platforms cannot!  

Contact me via this page or 021 081 65617 if you are interested in having your own show, or if you want to know more about what access radio does, and how Arrow FM is helping other groups, organizations and individuals in the Wairarapa get their voice heard.  In the meantime, checkout our website and come and like our Facebook page -


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  • I'd be keen to help out in some way. My knowledge of these areas is minimal but would be happy to be help and learn. Maybe helping to organise a schedule of programmes or interview people or doing research etc.

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