Tell us all what you want or what you have to offer. eg. Lemons, seedlings etc. To respond to someones listing contact them directly via their page…
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  • I have some spare Cox's Orange and Sturmer scionwood available if anyone's interested.  Also some self-seeded Burdock root.

  • I can supply Caspian Sea yoghurt. Would love to swap for milk kefir granuals!
    I'll could also supply the kombucha scooby. 
    Suggest you give me a call to arrange collection. 

  • Has anyone got some Caspian Sea yoghurt culture I could get a tablespoon of?  I managed to kill mine :-( Also, I'm interested in a Kombucha scoby if someone's got that spare.  I've got some milk kefir granules if anyone's interested in swapping.  Merry Christmas Wairarapa Oooby'ers!

  • I have 4 camellias that I want to get rid of. Two of them are just over 2 metres tall, and the other two maybe 1.8m. The flowers are red and dark pink.  Anybody keen on these?

  • Hi Jacob

    You are welcome to climb our pear tree and cut some scionwood. Its 80+ years old and is usually laden with small brown juicy pears in season.

  • Hi Jacob,
    I have a friend who would be happy to supply medlar scionwood. Phone if you'd like contact details.

  • Hi, does anyone by any chance have some pear and/or medlar scionwood to spare?  I want to try and graft them on to one of the many hawthorn trees I've got here, which apparently is possible.

  • Hi Ursula and Jacob,

    I may have some apple rootstock to spare. Give me a call to discuss.

  • Hi Ursula,

    I'd be interested in a couple of apple tree rootstocks if others wanted to pitch in as well.

  • All quiet....I've got in touch with McGrath nurseries - up near Hamilton - and their prices (for apple) are;

    The prices per rootstock are:


    M793, 8-10mm, $2.43 each

    Northern Spy, 8-10mm, $2.43 each

    M9, 8-10mm, $3.20 each


    Minimum order is 20 rootstocks


    Plus GST & Packing/shipping costs

    Is anyone interested? Their website is if you want to check out other rootstocks.

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Community Access Radio

Hi Wairarapa NZ Group members!  My name is Lucy, I live in Featherston, Wairarapa, and I'm a member of this group.  I've not been very active in the group, but I keep an eye on the discussion threads, which are always very vibrant and interesting. I am the Southern Area Coordinator for Arrow FM, which is one of 12 access radio stations in NZ.  Arrow FM serves the Wairarapa, and we provide the facilities, infrastructure and training to enable people to make radio by, for and about the wonderful…

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