A group for members of the Southern Seed Exchange, a seed saving group based in Christchurch, New Zealand dedicated to saving locally adapted open pollinated varieties of vegetables, herbs, and flowers.
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  • Hi Caleb, the Koanga Institute used to have them. Otherwise I've still got some seeds left from when I tried Silver Platinum a number of years ago that you'd be welcome to. It didn't grow too well here in Christchurch, so I didn't persist with it.

  • Hi all, I'm trying a few seeds saving groups as I'm looking for some particular Corn seeds to purchase - Silver Platinum. Appreciate any help.

  • https://www.facebook.com/events/1093392697391016/

    here are the details of the autumn seedswap, April 17th

    See You There !

  • We have some big plans in line for this coming year: growing out older seeds, teaching a few classes, a new website, and much more. But, as mentioned , we need your help.

    We look forward to seeing as many people as possible at the AGM and Seed Swap this weekend. Find it on Facebook.



    So we know it is short notice but  you can write it in your diaries immediately and because it is so current you will not need any reminders.
    We are ready to go so bring along seeds to swap and any other things to add to the table such as tubers, bulbs, interesting cuttings ...maybe you want to bring a plate of scones or some gardening magazines to pass on.
    Remember if you have nothing to swap just a Gold Coin donation at the door.

    And of course bring along your stories and expertise to share with other members.

  • VENUE: 7 Oaks School, Opawa Cnr York Street and Hassels Lane
      DATE: SUNDAY 4TH OCTOBER From 2pm until 4pm
      The AGM will be held prior to the swap from !pm until 2. So if you have extra time please come along and make sure we get a quorum and meet the new Trustees that will be appointed on the day.

    REMEMBER the Seed Swap is an excellent time to pay your subs for the year and our Treasurer will be there to attend to this.
  • Hi Trent,  i dont think the new list is out yet. things have been a little unorganised since the earthquakes I think but expect email contact soon

  • Also does anyone know where to get seaberry ( seabuckthorn) plants ,cutting or seeds from?

  • hello

    wanting to become a member of the southern seed exchange.

    and get a up to date 2015 seed list.

    have sent through a couple of emails to southern seed savers to no avail.

    If anyone has any helpful info in relation to 2015 list .

    would greatly appreciated.

  • Hi, just wondering if anyone knows where or if I can get plants or seeds for hardy passionfruit ( eg. Incarnata or Caerulea). Does anyone have experience with growing passionfruit in the colder parts of NZ?

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seedlist pdf online

HI I edited the seedlist just keeping the names of the cultivars and growing notes and put some photos in as an appendix to the main seedlist, mainly for my own interest, I will update it shortly with some seedsaving info for each seedgroup. and add photos over time.  I have shared it so that anyone who has the link can view. I would welcome other people's input, If anyone has photos to add or information they would like to see on it they could either email me or maybe edit it in themselves if…

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I have been growing tetragonia for a few years now - lush green NZ spinach that resists drought and - unless I am too tidy - self seeds everywhere. This year I got a bag of pine needles from South Brighton for my chook run and a seedling tetragonia popped up; red stemmed and far more 'weedy' than the commercial stuff but tetragonia nonetheless. I am planning to save the seeds from it just for interest - but how readily will it cross with the normal stuff? The plants are only a metre apart. A…

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Broad Beans

Hi. I have been saving seeds from my broad beans for five years now; red seeded, originally from Koanga Gardens. This year for the first time a number of the beans are normal green - there is no intermediate shading, they are all either red or green. I guess this means red is recessive? Anyway, I like the look of the red and choose the deepest red seeds to plant - so how can I keep the colour going? Neither of my neighbours have gardens, though I don't know about further away. . . so is this…

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Workshop: URBAN SELF-SUFFICIENCY- Eating and Living the Sustainable Way

This Workshop will be presented by Jules Dervaes. Since 2001, Jules Dervaes and his family have been living a protest—Path to Freedom—against corporate control of the food supply. They now grow over 2.7 tonnes of organic produce annually on a one-fifth acre residential lot in Pasadena, California (1/10 acre garden). Their project incorporates alternative energy, transportation, and back-to-basics practices. In a talk illustrated with stunning photos of his Southern California urban homestead,…

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