So the answer is probably 'no', but has anyone seen cherries grown in our fair province? Thinking the springs will be too wet, but thought I would ask.

Smiles, Laine

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Funny, we just harvested 4 beautiful cherries from our 3 month old Tangshe Cherry tree...... delicious! I know I should have plucked off the flowers, but I just couldn't resist!

Cherries of the right variety do fine in Taranaki. There is even a cherry farm at Ahititi, which has a roadside stall in spring sometimes...... totally yummy.

The most important thing is that you can net your cherry tree ..... otherwise the birds get every single one. I am espaliering my tangshe cherry along the east-facing wall, so it is easy to throw a net over.

Which varieties?  Tangshe definitely. Stella and Lapin are probably good too, although I haven't grown them personally.

Cheers, Kama

Hey Kama, that's good news. I bet that one cherry each was delicious!  I just checked out Te Kahuri's website and see they have a Tangshe  Pale. Will order one next winter.

Now here's another one then- ever grown sugar cane? I think it will grow here, but don't know how well. Loved the fresh juice when I was in India years back...

Smiles, Laine

funny...when you first posted this i was going to say

well the faux cherry(japanese?) trees that grow prolifically around here seem to do well.

(our pair of possums love them...)

but i see that kama has answered more in depth...

kama...was your tree really three months old or in the ground at your place for three months?


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