New Plymouth


January 4



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Nothing yet.

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Permaculture Design Certificate, WWOOFer, Dairy

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Buying Local Food, Learning, Preserving, Seed Savers

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  • Hi laine.i culdnt add a comment to your post re preserving books but I know of one
    Goodie.its called "preserving food without freezing or canning" and
    Its by The Gardeners and farmers of Terre Vivante. Cheers
  • thank you very much, my goodies have arrived!

  • hello Laine, a kefir and/or sourdough culture would be most welcome :) but really  not necessary!

  • Hey Laine.  Yes it did interest me.

    Cool ideas. Thanks for forwarding it on.  Apologies for the delayed response.
  • Thanks for the welcome laine.  Cheers J.
  • Thank you for the welcome Laine.

    After years of 'dreaming' of this way of life, it's now reality.  Every moment is so full of purpose and our gorgeous remote property feeds my soul.

    I look forward to learning & hearing more about other peeps in their paradise, on this site.

    cheers and happy gardening


  • scruffy feathers are you sure they are not going through a moult? Mine have gone off lay too i was thinking it is too hot at the moment. with the one who is lying without a shell i read somewhere that the other thing that makes them lay without shells is a disease egg drop syndrome or a localised infection in the shell gland.

    Dont know how how long she has been like that but my book say that you could put her on her own but if shes not right after a week you will have to man up and cull her.

  • have you tried crushing sea shells in fine grit / dust my shells are always strong also try looking out for patches of wandering jew tradescantia is a great green feed for the chooks
  • These are the sorts of things that back up my understanding that the idea of self-sufficiency is outmoded (a throw back to the '60's) and that acknowledging our inter-dependence and the need to support one another within the context of largely autonomous, but inter-linked communities is the path forward, now that we have explored the drastic results of the manufactured and ultimately impossible ideas of excessive independence.


    Matt Ridley - collaboration breeds innovation - isolation does not.

    Please quote me and these as much as you like Laine.
  • hi Laine thanks for reading our profile...I think you are the only person to do so lol. Dont know Finn but we will work out the connection, we bought the property from wain and craig (2 super kool dudes) Kay was here 3 and a 1/2 years ago. Been itching to add to your self sufficiency group but just dont know where to start. thanks for the comment.
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