Does anyone living in central ostend have any of the following greens to spare?:   Dandelion; Kale; lambs quarters; lettuce; salad greens/smoothie greens.

Any fruit?  

Also, I have an Oscar juicer which I am not using much (when I get some rye I'll want it .) Would anyone like to have a bit of a go with it?   Also, my neighbour has a similar machine which was much cheaper if anyone wants to look into that one.

I am wanting to buy a Vitamix or similar as I'm borrowing one at the mo.  I have looked into it and think the 5200 is the best bet with a 7yr full warranty.  But they don't have a 230v one yet. Also, I could just buy a jug and make my own built-in one from washing machine parts..

I have some notion to build a solar dehydrator and have a fairly good basic design.  Anyone want to join me on that one?

I more or less know how to set up an online food co-op for ordering bulk supplies from Ceres and possibly Chantal

Also, I have a whole lot of projects going on around my house and garden, if anyone would like to keep me company on any of these things that could be fun too.

Does anyone understand tax?

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We have quite a bit of lambsquarters and silverbeet at our place if you want any - we don't live in central ostend but i can drop some to you in next couple of days or we're at 47 shelly beach rd if you want to come and pick a couple of days supply.

Solar dehydrator sounds cool - do you know Mark Parisian? I think he has plans for one too - be a great resource for the community with all the fruit that we have on the island.

I'm happy to loan out my dehydrator for a few days at a time if anyone wants to use it - as long as it comes back clean :)

I'm also interested in buying fruit too if anyone has abundant fruit trees :)

What do people think about bulk orders? We're part of a co-op that orders from Ceres and I know Steve and Sophia are too so I guess we can always order on behalf of others - although maybe setting up another would be easier? Anyone not part of coop who wants to be part of one? I'm happy to help with set up of one if other people want to see one get started.

Also if anyone wants to order anything from we could add that to the suppliers list - I order raw choc, superfoods (organic gojis, maca, camu camu, chia seeds, bee pollen etc) and other raw bits and pieces from there if anyone else is into that sort of stuff. I currently order wholesale from them.

I've got a couple of raw recipe books I'm happy to loan out too and would be interested in borrowing others.
Hi Kat, Thanks for the offer of lambs quarters - great. and you are just around the cnr really, I'll come see you. Oh and Yup, Chia, Goji, and I'm interested in whole Cacao but still sussing it out as I think it's causing me big high's and low's. I found a place online where I can order 5kg for $300 including shiping etc. The other superfoods you list I don't know much about..
hi kat we would be interested in supplies from pure well being, let us know when you are making the next order
Hi there - I've recently got a co-op in my area up and running but have not been able to stop thinking about how much easier it would be for all parties if I had it set up online. Please can you give me the info you have on this? I'd love to implement it for our co-op.


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