Through WIC Waikato based new migrants, refugees and Pacific Island peoples can get healthy exercise and healthy food through  gardening.
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  • Event today: It's My (kids) Turn To Cook Tonight...

    It's My Turn To Cook Bosch School Holiday Program - has a fun, FREE one-day online cooking program on 20th December. No matter where you live, as long as you have the internet, they'll inspire YOUR kids in YOUR home using YOUR food!

    All details at

  • Free Swan Plants for Children2170549881?profile=original

    2170550065?profile=originalThe Waikato Environment Centre currently has swan plants to give to anyone visiting the Centre.2170550289?profile=RESIZE_480x480

    Grow a couple of these in your garden where children can closely observe the whole Monarch butterfly life cycle from egg to adult!

    Remember also that they have various other products at the Centre which will make useful Christmas gifts, such as worm bins, Bokashi buckets and product, gardening books and locally produced honey.

    The Waikato Environment Centre closes this Friday - 21 December 2012
    and reopens 7 January 2013.

    The Centre is open Monday - Friday 10am - 4pm, on Level One, 25 Ward Street, Hamilton, 07 839 4452.

    Photos: Swan plants at the Bright Smile Community Garden in Thames.  Top: striped caterpillars of the Monarch butterfly eating the plant.

    Middle: A caterpillar starting to make a chrysalis.

    Bottom: The finished chrysalis, where the butterfly will develop.  It will eventually turn black, before the butterfly comes out.  A wonderful thing to see!

  • Hamilton TimeBank

    If you want to join the Hamilton Timebank or find out more, they are running their last two orientation sessions of the year on Wed 19 December.  See their web site for details:


    Hello friends...
    This Saturday (03/11/12) we are going to learn how to make fried wonton and soup wonton from 10 am to 12 pm at Migrant Resource Centre, Boundary Road, Claudelands, Hamilton.
    You and your family are most welcome to learn how to make yummy wontons.
    Hope you will enjoy that.

    Banafsheh Ahmadi - Waikato Ethnic Family Services

  • Free Cooking Class tomorrow 

    We are going to learn how to make Chinese dumplings.

    You and your family are most welcome to learn how to make yummy  and healthy dumplings.

    Hope you will enjoy that! 

    Saturday 20th October from 10 am to 12 pm at the Migrant Resource Centre, Boundary Road, Hamilton.

    No bookings required.

    Banafsheh Ahmadi
    Service Manager

    NZ Ethnic Social Services Waikato
    (07) 839 4688

  • Charitable Trusts and the roles of Trustees

    Many of us are involved in community groups, such as the Grandview Community Garden, and may find it useful to learn about Charitable Trusts and the roles of Trustees.

    The Hamilton Permaculture Trust will be holding their AGM on Thursday 1 November, 5:45pm in the Environment Centre, 25 Ward Street.  They would welcome nominations for new Trustees.

    At the meeting, Jane Stevens from Community Waikato will talk about Charitable Trusts and the roles & responsibilities of Trustees.

    Learn how a trust can benefit from your support and of the benefits you can receive from being a Trustee.

    Nibbles and hot drinks will be provided.  All welcome.

  • We are delighted to inform you that Waikato Ethnic Family Services are going to organize another session of cooking classes on 6th october 2012 Saturday from 10 am to 12 pm at Migrant Resource Centre, Hamilton.

    You and your family are most welcome to learn how to make yummy banana cake and fall vagetable curry.

    Hope you will enjoy that.


    Banafsheh Ahmadi
    Service Manager

    NZ Ethnic Social Services Waikato
    (07) 839 4688

  • Hamilton Gardens this Saturday

    Everyone is welcome to go to the Hispanic Spring Festival (Festival de la Primavera) This Saturday 22nd September at the Pavilion in Hamilton Gardens.

    While you are there, get inspired by seeing what they have growing at the Sustainable back yard garden, herb garden and walled kitchen garden at this time of year.


    Here is some more information about the Hispanic Spring Festival from Grupo Hispano-Latino:

    We are opening this event with our traditional flag parade
    commencing at 1:45pm at the Jardin Hispanico (Turtle Lake)

    This is an opportunity for Spanish speaking people living in Hamilton to get together and celebrate the arrival of spring.
    We will have fabulous performances like: flamenco, tango, cumbia, samba, cueca and much more….
    There will be exquisite food stalls offering: Tamales colombianos, empanadas, pasteles de yucca, Uruguayan pastries, Chorizos de Chile, etc.
    And of course a great opportunity to buy craft items originated from South America.
    To finish up the festival we will have dancing music from 4pm – 6pm for parents, children, etc who would like to join us on the dancing floor.

    Hasta la vista!


    The metservice is monitoring a strong northwest air-flow that may cause severe gale gusts over the Waikato during Saturday.

    Gales are strong winds (62 km per hour/34 knots or more) that make walking difficult, can push over tall plants and break twigs off trees.  So if you have been putting off securely staking tall plants and young fruit trees, get out there and do it! 

    The weather warning will be reviewed at 9 pm tonight. 

    Tip: if you look on the Metservice page for Hamilton, Severe Weather Warnings are on the top right in the orange box.

  • FREE Healthy Living Cooking Sessions
    Day Fridays
    Time 10am to 12pm
    Dates Starting 14 Sept to 2 Nov
    Venue Crawshaw School in Multi Purpose Room
    To register contact Ioana on 849 5170 or 021 359878 or leave your name and number at school reception

    week 1: recipes using basic cooking methods

    week 2: meal starter ideas from basic ingredients

    week 3: stretching budget

    week 4: 'Fast Food' to make at home

    week 5: healthy mince, sausages and boil ups

    week 6: what to do with seasonal vegetables and fruit

    week 7: healthy lunches

    week 8: healthy snacks and desserts.

    Nawton and Crawshaw Healthy Living Projects

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