Lets work and of course lets share a couple of drinks to boost good ideas.

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  • Hi

    Long time without Working bees.

    Lets make it happen again. Today I met people in oooby picninc and there is some interest.

    Write here if you need a hand.

  • From Finn Mackesy email:

    Hi folks

    I have recently taken over running the Mangere Community Garden in a volunteer capacity. The Mangere Community Health Board owns the site and I am working with them to develop the site into an educational tool and space for locals to grow healthy nutritious food. 

    But we need your help! 


    A working bee will be held this month to tidy/clear up the site and provide some site structure to ready it for Autumn growing. If you can spare a couple of hours to help us on the day, we’d love to see you there! Bring anyone you think would be interested and please forward through any of your networks. There will be a range of jobs to suit people of all abilities. The site is not very wheelchair friendly at this stage.

    If you are planning on coming please let me know so we have an idea of numbers - RSVP to jdarroch@gmail.com. Also feel free to email if you have any questions.


    Community Garden WORKING BEE

    Saturday, 25th February 2012

    10am to 12.30pm

    Waddon Ave, Mangere (garden site situated between Anglican Church and Kowhai Court)

    We have a few tools for the day, but not enough for everyone so if you can please bring your own spade/fork/gloves/ hat/sun block

  • Mark

    Whereabouts are you based?  Are you interested in paid and/or volunteer work?  I don't know of any paid work opportunities, but if you want to volunteer organisations like Friends of Maungawhau (who do weeding on Mt Eden each Tuesday morning) are keen to get more helpers and gardeners like myself aways welcome another pair of hands!

  • Hi guys,

    My name's Mark and I'm quite new to the Ooooby community, sadly, as had I known there was this great world of pro-active people in my area before I'd have jumped in long ago. I'm a young person with a background in sales, tech, and dabbles with higher education. I've started working at local farmers markets, and am loving it. However I'm looking for other projects to jump into to fill up my week, and I'm really keen to get involved/find a need I can fill. I can provide a strong pair of hands and a ton of enthusiasm. Any suggestions for how I can get started?

  • It was a very good day of weeding, setting up a compost,square gardening. I have always been asked about Indian Curry but was stunned to hear Ricardo talk of Mahatma Gandhi. I am looking forward to be a part of the next working bee.
  • Hello All,


    I wish to have a Working Bee at my place this Sunday 6th November 77A Asquith Avenue Mt Albert from 10.30am onwards. Please confirm your availability .

  • Its ok, I know the feeling.

    Anybody else wants to have a working bee instead?

  • Hi working bee-ers,

    I have to cancel the working bee I had advertised for this Sunday at my place, due to something else coming up. I look forward to meeting those of you I haven't already met at other working bees in the future.

  • You should have one Jennifer! That's what it's all about - making it easier and more fun by working together.
  • Sorry I can't be there on 6 November Emily.  I hope you get heaps done!  I spent today in my garden - all day to top up 2 garden beds, plant them, mow the lawn, stack firewood and shred some tree prunings.  It still looks a mess.  Maybe I need a working bee sometime!
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