May 27


West Auckland

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Lots of years in the garden

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Buying Local Food, Community Gardens, Learning, Seed Savers

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I have mainly vegetables and herbs with a few fruit trees mainly for my own use. Vegetables include kale, lettuce, tomatoes, shunjuku, mizuna, mibuna, leeks, celery, yacon. Herbs include parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, lemon balm, bay leaf, mints, stevia. Spices like Indian curry leaves, kaffir lime, galangal, lemon grass.

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  • Hi Ben thanks for the tip, i will look when i get groceries next for the ginger sprouting , cheers, helen

  • Hi Ben, not sure if i  answered ysterday now or not , so will reply again just incase i didnt as i cant see my response  anywhere, I am looking for spices ( preferably as a plant rather than seed)  to grow, and wondering if you may have anything to swap, i dont have much thats unusal I am afraid...but hope we can work something out.....happy to supply courier bag for you, look forward to your reply, cheers, helen

  • ah , sorry Ben - the spices.... wondering if you have the curry plant , ginger and any others, there dont seem to be  a lot grown here, also looking for the chou daubenton - tree collard which i also cant find .... look forward to hearing again, helen

  • Hi Ben , not sure that i have much that havent got but wondering at the moment what you have in the way of spices/plants or seeds....cheers, helen

  • Hi Ben

    Have a look to the Group Working Bees Auckland.

    11 June 1030, I am organizing a working bee in my house.

    The idea is to make a group that later on will go to another person's house, or community garden, and then make another working bee.

    I believe that if people works together, it can be more effective for lots of reasons.

    If you come or not, please refer to other people.

    Bye and regards.
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