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  • Woo hoo, finally found the clam beds after three years!
  • Hi Josephal, I saw a reply post from you, saying you had some Aloe growing, if you have any pups yet (plantlets) would you be willing to sell me one, or some.  I've been looking everywhere but to no avail.  Just if you do - please let me know.   

    Kind Regards, Pare

  • Hi, I see you are in New Lynn and have previously offered to sell/barter worms. I've just moved to New Lynn and am working on setting up my garden, starting with worm farm and compost. Wondering if you are interested in trading some worms to get me started? As I've just moved in I don't have a lot to offer for trade at the moment so could offer cash or to trade you back down the track once things are flourishing at my place? Your garden looks great and it would be fantastic to meet another keen grower in my new neighbourhood.


  • Hi there you've been very quiet of late. How's your garden? Sorry to hear about your onions. Noticed that my shallots not doing so well either - too wet. Fingers crossed my garlic will be ok, have dug around the base and bulbs not very big yet.
    Back in Riverton for the week and eating lots of mussels - hubby can't face another meal.
  • No joy finding any clams but enjoyed a lovely walk along the beach:) apparently the locals never bother to go digging for them, they wait until after a south westerly and they are washed up on the beach.
  • I am interested but am curious what will happen to the rabbit in the trap once it is captured. I am not sure I could slaughter it myself, although seeing my winter crops decimated did get me pretty upset...

    Will your friend come and collect any rabbits from the trap?

  • love your pics,& garden.

  • all the wild plum trees are in full blossom, flower buds on the apricots and peaches about to open on the trees around the Lake Hayes track where I cycle/walk our dog. How are your garlic bulbils? All mine are growing well, not big enough to photograph yet lots of shoots poking thru the soil. Hope that your garden's growing well.
  • Sorry, forgot to mention that when you cook the fruit, barely cover with water and strain in a jelly bag. Use the liquid to make jelly - 500g sugar to 1 litre liquid makes a nice tart jelly.
  • hello Joe, I've only ever made quince paste once and not bothered since - my husband's not that fussed about it and I always have lots of jars of quince jelly which I prefer. However, the one time that I did make it, I used 750g sugar to the weight of quince pulp and cooked the living daylights out of it over a slow heat - very boring because it took ages. You have to keep stirring until it starts to come away from the edges of the pan. The minute you walk away, it'll catch and burn! I always have loads of pulp left over from making jelly and squashed it through a coarse sieve. If you have a mouli that would be much easier. The other alternative would be to peel and core your quinces before you cook them and just put the peel & core in a muslin bag & cook with the fruit. Depends on how many quinces you have - fortunately, lots of people grow them down here and are happy to swap fruit for preserves. Hope that helps.
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