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Well, I have finally bought a house and now have my own garden! Yipee! I have removed almost everything from the backyard and am starting from scratch, it sounds a little wasteful i know, I did take some cuttings and gave away some plants so they didn't all go in the bin. These are the plants i have in so far: Fruit - Black English Mulberry, chinese goosberries (kiwifruit, aka 'Kangaroo Eggs' in my family), mangoes (kensington pride), apples (pinkabelle and dwarf granny smith), pineapple, thornless blackberries, marionberries, lemon (eureka), lemonade, kaffir lime, tahitian lime, goji berry, mandarin (afourer murcott), two pears (williams and bourre bose), plum (satsuma and santa rose), anzac peach, an apricot (can't remember which variety), sunset peach and nectarine and capers. Herbs - parsley (curley and italian), sweet basil, onion chives, garlic chives, dill, florence fennel, sage, marjoram, thyme, rhubarb (not sure if it is technically a herb but it is in my herb garden), wormwood, rue, comfrey, lemon verbena, lemon grass, lavender, mint, chocolate mint, vietnamese mint, oregano, aloe vera, golden pineapple sage. Other - Roses, marigolds, dichondra repens lawn, hoyas, jasmine, honeysuckle, dianthus.

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  • I see you have hoyas what ones do you have?

  • Hi Caroline,
    The Comfrey died but should try again now there is more water about. The aquaponics is evolving I'll let you know when it is tweeked and you can come and have a gander if you like. I'm in the world of adjusting PH without chemical is the system has to be free of anything artifical because of the fish..which I think is great!
  • Hi Caroline,
    Great to have another Perth person on board my postcode is 6111 what about you? Currently Hubby and I are exploring Aquaponic have been left a set up when our Son moved out of home
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