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  • thanks for that Natalie, glad you had some pleasure from the seeds, your photos show that your section has lots of potential, concentrate on the soil and all will flourish :)

  • Natalie,

    Hi, and thank you for sending the angry bird info.  I am not certain it isn't an angry bird but pretty sure it isn't.  There is no red at all on it and the breast has some slight peachy colour in it.  Also, one can not see exactly what the folded wings are like in the angry bird photos but the bird in the greenhouse has quite wide black and white stripes.  It looks more like the Skylark (non native) but again the skylark drawing in my book doesn't have such distinctive wing stripes,  I have blocked the entrance opening it was using but will keep watching for it outside.  It is possible a juvenile angry bird does not show the red feathers or possibly they outgrow the stripes.  At any rate I was pleased to learn about the angry bird as I live on an island and it would be most unfortunate to have it establish here.  I will let you know if I find out anything.

  • Hi Natalie, I will get a list of my seeds together shortly and let you know...

  • Aargh!!! I just weeded it all out so not at the mo sorry. I did see some seeds from Yates or something common recently if that helps?

  • hi, glad you got them. I hope my instructions are clear if you have any questions feel free to ask. I was just wondering, on your profile you wrote "gardener, can offer gardening advice, and lots of years in the garden" but you put skill level as "beginner" is this right?

  • That could be a good idea :) Are you renting? will you be growing all long lasting plants in pots?

  • g'day, i posted your seeds last week they should be there very soon :) does anybody in your area grow mangos? I think they are tropical fruit and dont like frost.

  • hello, ive been away, just got back n realized that i didnt post them before i left! I feel terrible, ive realy let you down and im sorry. I will reorganise them tonight and put in some autumn and wnter seed, and post them in the morning! promise its first on my list :)

  • You could try incredible edibles

  • Oh no I hope I wrote the right address on them! I will post some more tomorrow and you will have them in time for christmas :)

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