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  • Dear Dave, Have a friend in Waiau who would love a bit of fertilizer if you still have any. Thanks so much for mine. Loved your vege garden. Great idea to cover the whole thing to keep those pesky birds away. My ph no again Jenny 3476757
    Thanks Jenny
  • Hi Dave

    That would be fine - I'll be around this weekend and next if you want to come and do some digging. I'll just have to check on the hazel nuts and the feverfew as they may have all been pulled, but there are definitely a couple of tayberries and lots of calendulas around. I'm in Sydenham, by the way.
  • Hi Dave my garden is large and being in North New Brighton is very sandy I am looking to upgrade and maintain the nutrient levels thru direct application of commercial fertilizer and liquid fertilizer brewed in 44 gallon drums applied thru a sprayer. I would be very interested in some fertilizer Chris 383 55 36 answer phone on cheers and happy living Chris
  • dear dave, I would be interested in some fertilizer if you have any left. Thanks Jenny Ph 3476757. Answer ph always on.
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