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Achoecha, mashua, yacon, Jerusalem artichokes, grapes, persimmons, Chilean cranberry, Worcesterberry, Serviceberry, black, white and redcurrants, Japanese raspberry.

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  • Hi, I'm interested to see that you grow mashua, I'd quite like to give them a try but haven't been able to find seed or tubers for sale. Do you have any tips where to get them from or could I get some from you sometime :-) Also interested that you grow persimmons. Do they do well down here and which variety do you grow?
  • Hi Sealander and "Welcome" to the Funk & Flash" group!

  • Hello! I've just seen your question about the Peruvian chilli. No, it doesn't survive outside - well, here, anyway.
  • hi there, Im keen on a tayberry plant, hazel nut seedling, some feverfew and some of your calendulas - if possible
  • Thanks, glad that you enjoyed the cake!
  • were you given just the seeds or did you have the whole fruit? There are a couple of ornamental quinces that look just like the fruiting variety but are hairless and the skin has a waxy texture. The fragrance of a true quince is exquisite, just one quince will scent a room. I plan to use the seedlings as rootstock and will get some cuttings from the parent to graft onto them. If you don't have access to a true quince, let me know and will post you some seeds but that won't be until next year. If you or any friends are heading over to Queenstown, happy to give them a few of my seedlings for you. Just let me know when you/they are in town.
  • So glad to see you have put a group for the seed exchange on here, i was thinking of it myself :) would be so great to be able to chat to you all on here, as I am in Greymouth and can't make it to the seed swaps
  • Hi! We are not as civilised as you up here! I don't think there is a seed saver group within 100km of here. Not that I have heard. But thanks for the information. I'll keep looking.
  • Thanks for the reply. I'm looking for a source of this new plant. But no success so far!
  • Wow! That sounds interesting. Next questions! Would they grow in our climate where we get a few degrees frost in winter- and where did you source both of those.
    The ulluco I grew in a pot and haven't looked at them yet but I know there won't be many because they kept missing out on water. There's alway next season to try again.
    Noticed your writings above on chilean guava...you can make cranberry sauce with them and in a recent Weekend Gardener there was an article and a recipe for muffins. Just a plain mixture with berries added - lovely flavour.
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