West Auckland, Massey

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Swapping Food, Community Gardens, Learning, Preserving, Helping Others, Seed Savers

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peanuts, rubarb, orange berries.

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  • Yup thats me ;)
    Yeah I think that our media need all the encouragement and support that they can get to focus more positively. Media has a profound effect, and if we get more positive coverage, then we will also get more positive people in our community.
  • Thankyou for your comment Gayleen. I am enjoying seeing all these like minded folk and their gardens,and especially living locally.
    Kind regards,

  • Yes, thanks for that, I had a great time with my older boy planting trees - well, he ate sausages more than planted, but it was a great day.
  • Wonderful, thanks. That email address you gave me for Jenny Tanner didnt work unfortunately though.
  • Hi Gayleen, thanks for your note. Yes I am becoming quite a keen gardener after moving to Waitakere Township! Sowing all my summer crops at the moment, so will have excess if anyone wants seedlings!!
  • Not involved in neighbourhood support, but would love to be. I dont even know where to start - community mindedness is not something I learnt unfortunately, but I am trying to right that situation now.

    I must walk past their house quite often. My oldest son is enrolled in the kindy, waiting to start any day now :)
  • Hi Gayleen, Thanks for your welcome. Look forward to meeting members of your group. Still learning how to navigate the whole communication thing on the computer so forgive me if I appear not to answer or know where to go at times. I am a medical herbalist and in the process of establishing a medicinal herb nursery so if there are people out there who want to grow herbs I may be able to help. :-). I will have extra punnetts of lettuce and brocoli to trade in a few weeks as I have sown more than I can plant.
  • Thats awesome, thank you for that. We are on Alidade Place, off Aldern Rd, off Don Buck by the primary school.
  • Hi Gayleenm, As a fellow Massey, Waitakere I just wanted to say hi. What part of Massey are you in? Im wanting to organise something to clean up a local creek and dont even know where to start...
  • Kia Ora Gayleen. Not sure what you want to know from me re Rongoa - if it's re plants its very basic and there is info on the net - indeed I'm more interested in learning more about the nutrient composition of rongoa myself.
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