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  • l  helped my other son buy a house and income in January and we were intending to rent out the flat but in a sudden turn of events l have moved in and am really enjoying life at present. The house was built in the 70's and has a lovely old apple tree that fruited prolifically last season and there are areas that have been vege garden. lt was a deceased estate and nothing had been done for quite some time.

  • Hi Jude, I have just moved closer to you, Manhattan Heights. I still have Astley Ave where my eldest son, Ray, is living at present and he is looking after the chooks. I am going to be starting from scratch with gardens again but am looking forward to it and will help Ray to grow a garden in my old place. Would love to catch up with you some time.

  • Parsnips for breakfast? kinda like potatoes...only better. Just imagine the possibilities!
  • Hey Jude,

    I love Parsnips. Actually, I am absolutly crazy about them. I saute them in a little butter with carrots and turnips, until they carmelize a bit...YIKES! GOOD STUFF! As a matter of a fact, I overwintered a good sized patch of them to go to seed. I now have more Parsnip seed than I can use in one season. They are only viable for one year. I will have to find some other gardeners that want some next spring.

    I am up to 23 bee hives, and a garden twice as big as I usually grow. I am working myself to death, doing what I love to do. It's heavenly. I have bees spread out for one hundred miles, all in natural meadows, to keep them away from the pesticides. It is working, they are booming. I have to keep a close eye on them so I don't cramp them. I have two hives that are stacked high with honey supers. My best crop yet. All wild flower honey. It is light colored, silky smooth, and just delicious. My customers are going crazy over it.

    I planted winter squash, and they have decided that they like it here, so they have taken off...literally. They have grown 15 feet, to the fence, up the fence, over the fence, and they are now making their escape to the highway. I still have about two months of growing season, so who knows where they will end up! Probably somewhere in Utah.

    But hey, life is good...I like it.

    By the way, you have added some nice pictures. All of your fruits and veggies are picture perfect.

    And the thought of the day:

    An old timer talking about Genetically Modified Foods,

    "If the bugs won't eat it, why the heck would you?"


  • Thanks for your tips and warm welcome, Jude. 

    I have been looking at your photos and your garden looks wonderful!! My garden presently is two garden boxes 1m x 1m, a fejoa tree and a lemon tree. So there isn't much happening on the garden front, but luckily I have lots of space and lots of ideas.. Although I wish that my garden would grow to be magnificent overnight. ha ha



  • Glad to hear from you Jude. Glad you and yours are well. I grew up in Southern California, so I know how the earth quakes can be. I was in the big one, near LA. Threw my brother and me out of our bunk beds. I landed on top of him, and since he thought I was out to get rid of him any way, I guess he figured this was it! We ran aronnd the house, at 5 in the morning, me trying to tell him it was an earthquake, while he thought I was trying to kill him!

    Took our Mom a while to get everything calmed down.

    As far as my patch, still too cold to start, but my Parsnips are sprouting and will will make a lot of seed this year. Gearing up to raise a lot of new queen bees and expand my Apiary. Hope to have 30 hives, going into next winter.

    You all take care and be prepared. Mother earth is shaking from the ill treatment lately. She will not stop untill we learn to treat her with respect, as every Mother should be, by her children. 

  • Hi Jude,

    Happy new year to you too! hope you had a good holiday...


    My garden is doing great.... altho a bit dry right now.  How is yours?

    Diane :)

  • Hey Jude,

    Thank you for the wonderful Christmas card. Merry Christmas to you and yours, and I hope you have an absolutly fantastic New Year!

  • Hey Jude'

    Its been quite cold. It snows, then warms up just enough to rapidly melt it off and make a big, muddy, drippy mess. Then. it gets real cold and turns to slick ice. I have gone into hybernating bear syndrome., Growling, snorting and snoring!

    First sign of bees and flowers, I'm sure the growling will stop.

  • Thanks for the greens the chickens went mad for them will plant out parsley into a pot thankyou so much for droping them round i wasnt expecting it so quickly.
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