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This year I put in my first garden. I turned an ancient dead shub, root bound, aggapantha fulled garden into my vege plot. It took 3 months of hard slog every morning to clear the patch. The cucumbers, tomatoes and pumpkins all got diseases and for all my work I got 1 cucumber, a small crop of tomotoes and 2 pumpkins. Beetroot has been my only true success and I pull one out each day to add to my morning smoothie.

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  • Hi Kate,

    Sorry we don't have a hen wynedotte - we got a mix of 6 eggs in the spring and ended up with only one wynedotte.  Good Luck with your search :-)


  • He hasn't started crowing- though we do have an Orpington rooster who has been crowing (of sorts) for over a month. Although we are in Te Atatu, we technically live in an industrial area so don't have any neighbours to complain about our roos! :D

    Having chooks certainly is a good learning experience! We have only had them for 6 months but have learnt a lot in that time and there is a wealth of information around if you have any issues (http://www.poultrycentral.co.nz/ is good)

    Looking online, it seems to vary a lot when they start crowing- he does 'honk' of sorts, and his feathers have just started coming through (we were so hopeful he was a girl) so I expect it shouldn't be too long. 

    You are more than welcome to come and see our set up and pick him up- I am home with a toddler during the week but we are around most of the weekend too. My number is 098200143. :)

  • Hi Kate, we would love you to have our roo! He is 17 weeks old and is really sweet. (hopefully the photo works below- it was taken last week)

    We are based in Te Atatu South but do head out to Kumeu to buy our chook feed, so could drop him off once you are all set up. 

    We haven't actually had day old Pekins- we have 2 flocks- 8 bantams and a group of mainly full sized Orpingtons. We had 12 day old chicks- 6 from a breeder in Helensville (barred rocks and light sussex) and 6 Orpingtons from a breeder in Coatsville- all sourced from Trademe. We have a bantam roo though so hopefully in the future we will have chicks. 


  • Hi Kate, i have 3 bantam hens that l need to move on as circumstances have changed. they are in New Lynn. They are laying but l really got them for the poop.

  • Hi Kate, I think you may be meaning Tree Lucerne which is also called Tagasaste. These are different from Tree Lupins. This is the tree crop that is useful for establishing new grounds. Cheers, Bridget

  • Kate I've sent you a reply through seed exchange, and a request to be your friend, I need to know your address if you'd like the seeds.  The plants/trees grwo really quickly from seeds. Regards, Jean W.

  • Hi Kate 

    Not sure if you got my email re Tree Lucerne.  If you haven't got it, let me know and I'll message it to you on here.


  • Hey Kate The new chook coop is being painted tomorrow and assembled thursday morning I'm pickin it up most likly thursday afternoon Ill post some pics hopefully this weekend and your welcome to come over and take a look if you like Cheers Matt 

  • Hi Kate
    I cant do Wednesday so that leaves Monday 12, Tuesday 13 and Friday 17 9am - 3pm
  • Hi Kate have just looked at your profile and see that you live in North Harbour. I live in North Shore Albany/Glenfield border. If you want and expect a garden in transition, (looking a mess) you could come over for a looksee, if we can make arrangements as to time and day
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