Pete Russell created ooooby3
Jun 17, 2022

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  • thank you Pete. Have a great day :)
  • Hi Pete,
    I'm not sure you are the right person to contact, but messaging does not appear to be working?

    Cheers, Serra
  • thanks Pete, I have just emailed Lisa, so will wait to hear back.

    Cheers,  Katie

  • HI Pete,

    Thanks... Have been having a jolly o time in the garden.  Hope you guys are settling in well in your new home and gardens toooo!

    I went to share my ooooby photos on a friend's FB page - via friend's private message and it seemed to take the link ok- within his message box - but when I go to click on that link to see if it works, an  ooooby page error comes up. Yet On my FB page it appears fine and the link goes to the ooooby photos.

    Would love to share my ooooby album with a few folks..


  • Share away! Thats what its all about ;)

  • Thanks for the Welcome Pete. Feel free to check out the links on my profile to my facebook pages, always keen to 'share the love around' as it were :)

    Bye for now


    P.S I'm thinking very seriously about Ooooby Hamilton... ;) Who knows!

  • has anyone heard about this......

    Check it our on Dr Mercola's site

  • Thanks for the welcome Pete! We love OOOOBY around here and wish I wish OOOOBY lots of success. Just came home to another wonderful box and I'll be blogging about today's box tomorrow. Just need to get my bearings on this website.

  • Hello I am following this link to find Ooooby markets anywhere in Auckland. Thanks Jane

  • Thanks Pete, I have found someone to swap some avocados for limes with but will definitely post up any left overs we have.

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