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nothing much yet, just what the previous owner left...lots of salad, a few wild tomatoes & lots of apple & plum trees....doing the hard landscaping first, then, planting extravaganza :)

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  • Hi Kirsten. You just added me as a friend on here with the suggestion that I might be a repository of garden / orchid information. However, my gardening knowledge is quite limited having simply dabbled in it from year to year. These days I don't spend much time doing it beyond growing micro greens and caring for my fruit trees, so I would advise seeking advice from some other more informed sources on this web sight, or a man called Wally Richards who is based in Parmerston North http://www.gardenews.co.nz/page1.htm


  • No Saturday I'm at a titirangi book festival event early morning then teaching jewellery late morning. I'll call you.
  • OK I could do with some more greens. I call you. And you can come back here for a look at our place afterwards. How about that.
  • Your clippings are warming my compost right now! Thanks a lot, Kirsty.
    I was checking it, stirring it up a bit and noticed it was a bit dry so gently watered the compost and steam started rising! Brilliant.
    You'll have to come and visit, see the final resting home of your grass!
  • Hi, I'm the guy wanting lawn clippings! Let's talk. Phone no below.

    On another issue did you know the ooooby boxes https://www.ooooby.org/ are apparently out West now? I signed up today, give them a shot. I hope we don't get brussels sprouts every time.



    Brian 8176816

  • Hi Ya,

    Great to hear from you, have been thinking of you over the holiday period. Now ended and am back at work!!!.

    Hope you had a great break, the worm wee is working a treat and I'm watering it about all over the place.




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