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tomatoes, bortlotti, tree lucerne, feijoa 'unique', chili, tomatillo, and hydroponic tomatoes [passive bucket system].

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  • Hiya Brian,

    I can catch up with you on Sat morning for grass picking up, does that suit you? Let me know what time, I'm fairly flexible....


  • Hiya Brian, Would be great to catch up with you & see your place. Will ring you in the next few weeks & make a time. Just cruise back anytime you need more grass, it just keeps growing....K
  • I've been getting the box for about 3 months. It's been great as my section is quite shady & a bit shambolic (I may have bitten off more than i can handle right now..)& the vege garden thing doesn't always happen. I tend to do it in fits & starts. If they send you weird stuff, they send recipies as well which is great. I've gone to trialling fortnightly boxes. Weekly is too much for me. The fruit is fantastic!


  • Hiya Brian,

    I completely understand the avoiding work thing, i'm in that place right now. Will talk to my neighbours this weekend. I'm sure they will be fine, they are very relaxed about most things...call me next week if you feel like scything..8172906. Kirsty

  •  "Not only do I not know what's going on, I wouldn't know what to do about it if I did." George Carlin.


    Just about sums it up really... Hey good pictures.



  • Fabulous chook photos, very fabulous chook run!
  • Hi Brian, lt was lovely to catch up with you both on Sunday. l am having to work today so won't be able to come visit. Will contact you about another time. Thanks for mentioning the gate latch as it has been annoying me but too many other things to think about. After you left l went and got a small thick nail and hammered it in. Lo and behold - instant fix after all this time.
    You caught me by surprise when you asked about any jobs. l have 2 windows in aluminium frames from when l got some double glazing done that l would like to make cold frames out of but don't know quite where to start. Would really appreciate some input of your knowledge. l'll be in contact soon. Take care Jenny
  • Hi Brian. I have deleted the glasses photos as they are not food growing or local food related. Maybe you could correspond directly with him via email or another platform? You are a valued member so I hope you appreciate the need for this. Cheers, Pete.
  • Hi Brian, I put the photos up of the sunglasses, I dont know really anything about them the only thing I could find on them was your reproductions, thats why I wanted to contact you. Can you tell me anything about them? I am 100% sure they are authentic. I found them with an embroidered handkerchief that has the Union Jack, Lady Liberty and the American Flag, that says "A souvegnir of the Great War" I want to sell them but have no idea of the value, if you can help it would be greatly appreciated, you can find them on my page under my photos, thanks much.
  • Here is a good start:

    I believe my hydroponic produce to be better than "organic" produce. Simply because I know that a lot of people will resort to something that is not considered "organic" if faced with losing their entire crop. Even spraying liquid soap on them. I don't do that. If I get an infestation...I don't get infestations of any pests. My grow room is fed 99.9999% pure air with a hepa filter. My water is filtered and my Nutes are all natural...nothing made from oil. If that's not as close as you can get to organic, or at least "naturally grown," I'll eat a bug!
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