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Aside from some very young fruit trees, right now I'm growing loads of grass.....in other words, I have lots of space waiting to become productive in the coming months.

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  • Hello Kristen thanks for this interesting info
    Im working on my garden i have some plants
    I be back to look more info from you
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  • I think they lived near Dannevirke but she came from England.My mum had cousins in TeKuiti. Your new property looks great-lots of potential there.
  • Hi Kirsten.
    My grandmothers name was Porteous.I wonder if we are related?
  • Yeah, Ooooby is cool - I'm really pleased gardening is taking off - it's so much fun and we're so lucky to have such great climate and space here in the Wairarapa to do it.

    Your photos of Japan are beautiful, I guess you will just catch the cherry blossoms before you leave?

    You're welcome to seeds when you get back, I'm saving a few different varieties, mainly to get the best results for our location, the nature of it is that I always end up with more than I need.
  • Wow you must be itching to get back, see your house and start work on the garden! I guess there must be a fair bit to do on the house too, what fun :-) Your timing will be perfect for planting trees, do you know the Matatoa nursery at all, they have a great web site and are super helpful with deliveries to Wairarapa. I'm planning to order some trees to plant when I return even though it won't be the best time of year, I'll have to use tonnes of mulch to get them through the first couple of summers. Right now I'm just working in a pub (jobs are becoming increasingly hard to find here) and my partner, Wayne, is a chef. Have you lived in Japan for long?
  • Hi Kirsten, Thanks for the extra photos on your profile. What are the orange fruit hanging in rows? Certainly a good crop! And that's great to know you have so much good water on your land, it gets so dry in the Wairarapa summers now. How long ago did you move your house on?... My place is in Carterton (so luckily on town water), and before we came over to England in June 2008 I had a little vege garden planted with mainly herbs and leeks (I love baby leeks). There's an old lemon tree and a peach tree in the garden but not much else. We were able to bottle a nice supply of the peaches last Feb even though the crop looked sparse, to say the least. We're planning to return home in October but meanwhile I'll see what I can grow in pots here once it warms up a tad :-)
  • Hi Kirsten, I'd love to see some photos from Japan, thank you :-) Do you have more photos of your land in Martinborough, it looks great, do you have a stream or other reliable water supply? Do you know about the farmers market in Masterton at all? It's been going a couple of years now I think. Cheers, Karen
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