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Chooks, olives, nectarines, nasturtiums, mint

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  • Hi Robin,

    Thought you might like to know there's a workshop on compost making in Carterton this Saturday (12th Feb) - 1 - 4 pm.  Look for details in Wairarapa News, or give me a call on 06 379 8034.

  • hi there robin, more growing of the human variety these days. Preggo with my number 2, managed to dig out my bed and plant some summer veggies then that was it. unfortunately the weather has been so wet and frosty at times im not too confident about the yield this year :(
  • hi robin looks like u are pretty successful there! im a complete novice and im wondering if u have any tips on winter veggie growing? i have a small green house so im able to germinate seeds, and a bed for transplanting to. Any advice would be very helpful!
  • HI Robin
    I'm growing the same sort of zucchini. They are SO abundant Two plants are more than we can eat. I've taken to cutting them off very small, no more than a finger long, and steaming them with their flowers still on. They are delicous like that. The zucchini I really like is an Italian one I got from King seeds Cosasta Romanesco. Its not prolific and takes up space but tasted like everything a Zucchini should taste like. OK that's my Zucchini rave for the day. Love Rosie
  • Hi Robin
    Thanks fro the seed offer - I'd love some but not for a while yet as I'm in Japan for another couple of months. But I'm glad to see the Wairarapa group member numbers are increasing - Oooby has a lot of potential doesn't it?
    The photos of your garden look great - I hope my as yet un-started garden will look so productive once underway.
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