October 25



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Gardening advice, Lead a workshop, Permaculture design

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Permaculture Experience, Permaculture Design Certificate, Horticulturalist, Bio-Dynamics, Lots of years in the garden

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Buying Local Food, Selling Local Grown Food, Helping Others, WWOOFA Hosting, Seed Savers

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two acre permaculture food forest - estabished 18 years

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  • Hi Robyn,

    I would like to connect with you in regards to heritage potatoes.  My partner and I are maintaining around 30 NZ heritage varieties and this season will find it hard to keep them all going.  We know of the work you do and were wondering if you could help.  Please let me know if you are interested, and I will send a list of varieites we would like to pass on for this season.  

    Kind regards,


  • You're a true inspiration Robyn! Listening to your interview on national radio and watching your videos has totally changed my view on gardening. I've put your vids etc on my blog in the hope that my readers will be inspired also. Keep up the good work! We hope to come down to southland from geraldine oneday to see you. Bec Lees from Journey to the Goodlife (blog)

  • Thanks for your comment Robyn. I enjoyed seeing your video too. Yep we don't realise how fast the growth is comparatively. The bananas have been more successful than I imagined. Now I don't know why everyone up here doesn't grow them!

  • HI Robyn, thanks anyway :) i'll continue the search for the answer :)

  • Hi Robyn, hope you dont think im rude but i have a question and couldnt find anybody else to ask.

    My husband and i have just bought our first section :) come complete with small orchard of apples and peaches. The peaches are ripening now and i notice there is quite a few with a sap on them, i found some info about peach borer but get the impression the secretion is jelly like around the trunk, the sap i have is hard and clear. I cant find any sap around the trunk or branches, just where the fruit joins the tree. Any ideas would be thoroughly appreciated, these trees are apparently between 30-40 years old and i have started preparing the ground to plant young replacements this winter and i dont want to spread a possible disease. The damaged fruit that was no longer edible i have thrown into a rot bucket to drown any possible intruders.

    Many thanks, Roxy

  • Hi Robyn. your garden looks absolutely lush! A real credit to great design and lots of hard work : ) Bridge
  • loved seeing your garden on tv, am really looking forward to visiting it one day! Am surprised Al didn't drive to Colac Bay to include mussels in his menu :)
  • what a wonderful inspirational garden!
  • Hi Kali. We have a surprisingly large number of woofers coming down our way. Wintertime isn't the best usually, as the weather can be challenging, althought the past week has been summery! We are pruning at the moment - 140 apple trees in our garden alone and requests to do orchards all around the region!
    It's fun but it takes time.
    Have you heard of Farmageddon?
  • Hi Janet. Sounds like you're off to a flying start! Will you coppice your hazels? That produces wands very quickly and if you've thought of a use for them, they'll be a good resource. I'm interested in the seaweed issue as I think there's going to be issues soon with commercial exploitation of kelp especially, from our beaches. Some people are already harvesting it while its still growing. In terms of being self-sufficient, we've (Robert, Adam, Terry, Hollie and I) have found that's it's really important to grow a community network at the same time as you develop your land and a good part of that should be social, with lots of fun being had.
    Anyway, good to swap notes. Good luck with your food forest developing!
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