October 12


Unsworth Heights

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Urban Farmer

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Nothing yet.

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Buying Local Food, Community Gardens, Learning, Preserving, Helping Others, Seed Savers

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Lots of fruit, vege, natives, and flowers for my bees.

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  • Haha, no its not that sort of place. TBH dicussion has been very positive so far and I'm sure others would benefit from your sensible approach and experience.
  • Great to hear about your bees, and loving your pictures. You should try the NZ Beekeepers forum at http://www.nzbees.net/forum I'm sure they'd love your input.
  • Sorry forgot to say that i also read the link that you put up! Was great, this is a topic that should be discussed or else all will simply return to the way it was-a world of greedy, selfish, and careless people stomping on middle lower class who just want to be treated equally regardless of social class.

    Thanx for linking it, was a inspiring thing to read at the end of a long week :)

  • Hi nicholas, just checked out you photos. Amazing! 

    How long have you worked with bees for? I love photo number 6, they look pretty dam happy :)

  • Hi Nicholas.

    That's great. Could you please put my name on one? No car this weekend. But I can pick up next week, when suits and where from?

  • Hi Nicholas.

    I'm probably far too late, but if there were any peach trees going spare we would absolutely love one.


    p.s Just had a look at your photos, jeepers! Amazing!

  • John Bagnall is the tree owner - lives in the Mt Wellington - phone 02 111 000 41. I suggest you phone him to arrange a mutually agreeable pickup time.
  • Hi Nicholas
    Yes - I'd love that! Do you want to do this on 20th August at 2pm? What do you need for the meeting as I can get a room which leads ontot the garden.
  • Thanks a lot, if we aren't riding, and it doesn't look promising, I'll be in the garden somewhere. yell out for me. The dogs will let us know you're here.
  • Thanks Nicholas.  I would love a few plants.  I was loooking for something to plant out where my chickens roam, but after researching I found that nothing much is safe from them and I guess that includes chamomile, i'll put it in my walled garden but have no room for a lovely path like yours.
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