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I have a small garden but it is in glorious bud, with roses galore, fruit and cherry trees and vegetable plots. I also have three gorgeous chickens which supply us with fresh eggs.

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  • I am clearing Wandering Jew (Tradescantia fluminensis)  from Unsworth Reserve. This stuff has not been sprayed by the council. Do you want some for your chickens? They are talking about it being good stuff for chickens in the Ooooby Poultry in Urbania group. Plus you would be doing me a faviour by getting rid of it. Just drop by a bin and I will fill it up for you.


    You can also get it in Exster Reserve (which I will look at cleaning out latter) but I don't know if that has been sprayed or not.

  • Ok. I was thinking of taking a walk in Exter reserve in the weekend. Looking to see if I can find a special Unsworth veriety of flax. I will drop some off for you. 

  • Did you want some Roman Chamomile? I need to pull some up as I redo the paths.
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