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Gem squash form South Africa.Taro,yakon, Chinese corn ,gooseberries,potatoes,sweet potato ,purple potatoes, luffa, watermelon, sweet melon,peanuts

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  • Retailers don't start selling seed potatoes until spring, not the best time to plant now unless you have a greenhouse, they're frost sensitive. Koanga and the Tokoroa community garden have a good selection of Maori potatoes and garden centres usually carry all the standard commercial varieties
  • I didn't chop it but I suppose it depends on the type of sea weed....
  • Hello Rana when we used seaweed for the college compost heap (I'm studying horticulture) we spread it out on the ground and let the rain wash it - but that was a trailer load which we spread over a large area. At the moment I have a pile of seaweed sitting in the corner of my garden waiting to go in the next heap. It's raining now in Gisborne but I'll probably give it a hosedown before I put it in the next heap. :)
  • I've just frozen some yakon chopped up with some kiwanos. .. which are delicious. Fruit salad ready to go.! I hope it's alright.
  • Yay! I've just dug my first one, too. There was 1.8kg.
    I cooked it with yams but the next night cut it small and mixed in some feijoas some pinapple and a pepino. I much prefer treating it as a fruit.
    I wondered about storage. Where do you put yours? I wondered about leaving them in the ground like you do for Jerusalem artichokes but you say they might rot? Thanks for the info.
  • I see you are growing yakon. How long do you leave it before you dig the roots up? And do you plant the tops back in or do you store them inside?
    Look forward to your reply
  • I just looked up your zucchini in the catalogue. It sounds tasty. On the same page is the rampicante or snake zucchini. It tastes like butternut - it's edible right down to the bulbous bit where the seeds are. It's fun to watch people's faces when they see it!
  • That's some vegie you have there. Is it an outsize courgette?
    I tried growing the real oldfashioned marrow this year and it was tasteless so won't try again.You seen to have the same interests as me - trying the strange and wonderful. I think it is fun!
  • Hello and welcome Rana. Hope you like it here. Have you had a chance to have a read of the welcome page yet? You look to have a pretty abundant garden. It would be great to see some pics of your patch and a profile shot too. Have fun oooobying!!
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