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February 27



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My current garden is under construction as we recently had to move to new land, I have just completed building a new greenhouse for growing tomatos and have aready installed three raised beds which are planted with silver beet and beetroot. Currently I am starting seeding of peas, lettuces, peppers. I usually grow tomatos, zucchini, cucumbers and rhubarb as well, this year I am experimenting with Cape Gooseberries and other fruit, including an attempt to grow lemons from saved seed. I also make and sell raised garden beds and planters from recycled wood,.

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  • Hi Richard! I just saw your comment from sept- I'd forgotten about Oooby! Love your photos. Seedlings- just started a new batch of Mexican coriander and a few tomatoes.
  • That's lovely.

    I have a favourite poem I found years ago in a little book-I think it was called poems for the earth or somesuch.
    This is an abridged version:
    The Earth is my sister,
    I love her daily grace
    Her silent daring,
    and how loved I am,...

    ...and I do not forget,
    what she is to me,
    what I am to her.
    By Susan Griffin.

    I really like YOUR poem-wonderful code to live by.
  • These were purchased from Nelson, and is a roll of fertilizer bags, before cut and processed. Similar ones are often available for cement bags etc. I didn't purchase these myself so sorry can't be more helpful. Was a group from Cal Earth that ran this workshop at our home. They are based in California.
  • I love your Green Man picture.
  • Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall
    "If it doesn't put something on your plate or something in your pocket, then out it goes".

    "Companions, don't forget companions! You can't eat all flowers but many flowers do benefit other garden plants and soil organisms.
  • Thank you for your friendship Richard!

  • Hello again Richard, You can use that poem all you want anywhere you want. I put it there to share. I loved your quote: "We are yours." "You are mine."
    The Green Man has returned as the living face of the whole earth so that through his mouth we may say to the universe, "We are one.
    The world could use more thinking on that line.

  • Good Morning Richard and "Welcome" to the Funk & Flash From Junk & Trash group.
    Your a man after my heart! Great container recycling you have going on! Like you, I'm also involved in a complete yard gut and remake, your greenhouse is "Awesome"! We got the news last evening on the earthquake that hit Churchchrist, N Z, so sad for so many people. I always remember the saying "In every disaster area there's always a little bit of heaven". There will be great recycling opportunities going on!

  • hello Richard, if you PM your address to me I'll post you my copy when I've finished reading it.
  • Hi Richard,
    Thanks very much for the great advice. The website's really good.
    Are you based in the UK?
    Om Shanti,
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