Colorado Springs, CO


Vinetian Village

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Permaculture Experience

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Swapping Food, Community Gardens, Learning, Preserving, Helping Others, Seed Savers, Eating Local Food

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Cherry tree, ornamentals

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  • As you are in Colorado I guess we can cross you off our customer list then.
    But thanks for the enouragement, it is small steps, But we haven't given up yet. Thanks to the person who introduced us to this site.
  • hi Margaret, so many people have been hit and the quakes just keep coming, you never think it will happen in your backyard. Thank you for your comment. I see you have a couple of dashunds, aren't they wonderful, I had one when the kids were little, we lost her about 5 years ago, she lived 13 years. one day I will get other. they are very rarely seen which is such a pity. My girl had puppies and was such a good mother to them and to my kids.
  • Planting fruit trees now would be a good time for you and some nut trees too, wouldn't it? any damage fruit can be feed to any live stock (eg:chickens horses pigs) should you want then that is! I long to get in my garden but I still have paperwork im still doing to close our bissness off, then I will be out there as much as possible! I love having comfery in the garden but at the moment I have dandilions 3 feet high so I need to get that horrible paper work done. Next time I write I WILL be finishes, Yay.
  • Hello Margaret and "Thank You" so much for your friendship!

  • It sounds like a dream property, Im after that next year....hope i can get it. I have planted out my glass house with Tomatoes and stawberrys. Hung baskets off stwaberrys and Palagoniums. Lots of pots of Dalias so they dont die while the ground is still cold and as many seeded trays as I can fit. Its a new glass house my frist whole season so Im learning. Im still building more shelves on the work bench I put in so I will have more room....the big problem I have now is I dont have much space to grow the seeds when sprouted. Im also going Vegan of a few months to trial and I need as many veges as possible for a large family of Five adult size eaters. Any great ides???
  • Hello Margaret and 'Welcome" to the new Funk & Flash From Junk & Trash "group.

  • Every time I go past the computer I check for messages. And voila! It stops me doing the ironing...wonderful. Today is a blank day, overcast and grey threatening to rain, the washing didn't dry outside and now I'm (not) ironing.
    I looked for your area on Google recently and they've photo'd in different seasons!
    It looks very isolated. Is your nearest little town Minihaha?
  • By 'put up' I guess you mean preserved in some way. Did you get the mock orange to root? How did you do it? Stick a bit in? Air layer it? Half break a branch and hold it to the ground with a brick. I still remember a tree in my childjood. I loved the smell and cried when my father cut it down. I have one that struggles under bigger trees, but the smell is still divine.
  • You poor dear! It seems you have had a lot of worry. Isn't it wonderful that a garden is so good for the sou? Take care.
  • Hello! thanks for the friends request!...nice to meet you
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