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  • Hi Stephen,

    Thanks for your reply and welcome to OOOOBY.

    I think you may be right re the FSA unfortunately but we're going to give them a call and see if there's any way around it. I've also emailed the folks at Wild Foods to see if they're in the know.

    The other issue we've discovered is the restrictions on hunting on DOC and even regional council land which means even if we could cover off the Food Safety aspect, we may have to source the possums exclusively from private farmland, which is still worthwhile I suppose but hardly the primary objective of protecting our native flora and fauna!

    Where there's a will there's a way though, right!?

    Thanks again,
  • Hi Stephen,

    I came across the discussions you've been involved in about possums you sound like you may be able to help me...

    A small group of friends and I are looking to organise a one off event for this year's day of climate change action (October 10) where we have an organised possum hunt in various places (yet to be decided) within a couple of hours of Auckland. We're then planning to encourage local chefs to compete for the best possum pie and hold an event for people to come along and sample their creations.

    We obviously want to cover off any health and safety risks and I'm really just trying to find out if there are any legal restrictions in place by MAF or the Animal Health Board around eating and selling the meat, particularly when it comes to TB and 1080. I wondered if you know much about the process and whether we'd have to do that for a small scale one off event?

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